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Guest Post!!~ Attending Conventions as a Senior

18 Dec

Barbara is back to share her thoughts on attending conventions at a certain age…


When I was younger (much) I took my kids to Star Trek Conventions… little ones in neighboring towns and big ones in LA. The three of us were on our own a lot and cons were a cheap way of spending the day together, having fun mostly looking. Turns out both kids were incipient nerds and enjoyed themselves very much. He got into comic books and she got into fandom.

Now I am considerably older; with the attendant aches and pains and she takes me to the cons. Continue reading

Guest Post!!~ John Barrowman’s Garage Sale

21 Mar

A new guest poster is joining us today with her first post… and adventure off to the wilds of Palm Springs in search of John Barrowman’s Garage Sale.


Guest Blog By: Shayne Left Lane

Twitter: @ShayneLeftLane Continue reading

Nerd Adventure! Monterey Bay Aquarium!

5 Aug

So…y’all know how much I love Jellyfish, right? Well, ever since NerdLush HQ moved to Central California, I’ve been trying to get to the coast to visit the Monterey Bay Aquarium and enjoy their fabulous jellyfish exhibit. It’s been a few years since my last visit and I recently found out that the Jellyfish Experience exhibit will be closing after Labor Day.


Hence a day trip to the aquarium! Continue reading

Nerd Adventures- Solvang, take 2

16 Mar

In NerdLush’s first year, Emily and I took a day trip from LA and ran over to Solvang for some entertainment. It was quite a lovely day of fun and silliness.  Continue reading

Nerd Adventures- San Diego on a dime!

31 Jan

I’ve had to run around southern California a lot recently and I’ve been trying to do so at the best travel times as possible- to decrease stress levels, of course. But yesterday I had to run down to San Diego (around 120 or so miles from my place) and had to be there at a specific time… which meant that if I didn’t do it right, I’d hit traffic and go nuts.  Continue reading

The Power of Social Media

15 Oct

I’ve often been asked by people who don’t use any form of Social Media as to what the point of it is. This got me thinking as to just how powerful a tool it could be, so I thought about my own experiences with Twitter and how just one tweet from Wil Wheaton 18 months ago changed the entire direction of my life. Continue reading

San Diego Comic-con- I survived Con Crud!

2 Aug

This is probably the last significant post we’ll do about SDCC 2013, but I wanted to do a personal round up of my time there. Last year’s post still gets regular hits, so for some reason this sort of thing is of interest.

IMG_20130717_222621 Continue reading

Upcoming Nerd Adventure

3 Jun

As you know, we enjoy wandering out and having nerd fun. Our last adventure was to the renaissance and pleasure fair. So this short post is to see if there would be interest in a nerd adventure to visit JPL. Come on… it’s science! Space!

We are suckers for space around here… the crew were all sitting around our various homes watching Curiosity’s landing last year. I have the NASA channel on my TV so that I can watch whenever I want.

Personally, I’m a wee bit jealous when people in my tweeterfeed go on about their visits to JPL… I wanna go to. So come with us. Let’s go learn about space!

Nerd Adventure! Renaissance Pleasure Faire!!

26 Apr

Recently, Emily and I made our way to Irwindale to attend the annual Renaissance Pleasure Faire. The faire runs from early April through mid-May. We went together in 2012 and while we had fun, the heat was such that we both got sunburnt and were grumpy by the time we got home afterwards. We planned better this year and arrived at the faire a little after 2pm and stayed til almost closing. This allowed us to arrive at the height of the heat but remain as the sun dropped and the heat lessened. Also, there was a fire in the hills near by, so as a bonus we got to enjoy watching a fire rescue chopper take water from the reservoir. The other attendees and participants at the faire kept calling it a dragon- it was both cute and weird. Continue reading

Shindig fun for the WIN!

12 Apr

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, or are new to the site, you are aware that we just celebrated our 1st birthday with a karaoke party. Wait… let me rephrase that- with a karaoke party of AWESOMENESS!

fun times!

fun times!

Continue reading

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