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Tara & Yuri talk Con Artists & More!

28 Mar

Here is the promised video of Tara Platt and Yuri Lowenthal’s panel from the 2015 Tulare SciFi Convention. Continue reading

The Power of Social Media

15 Oct

I’ve often been asked by people who don’t use any form of Social Media as to what the point of it is. This got me thinking as to just how powerful a tool it could be, so I thought about my own experiences with Twitter and how just one tweet from Wil Wheaton 18 months ago changed the entire direction of my life. Continue reading

Welcome to Hollywoodland!

9 Sep

I live in LA. I have friends throughout the entertainment industry. It was only a matter of time before I was involved in some project, right?

If you said yes, gold star to you.

I recently had the opportunity to wear a few hats on the set of a short film. NerdLush friend, Tara Platt– you know, from Shelf Life, duh- gave herself a personal challenge to film and complete a short film in a 48 hour period. Putting the call out via social media, Tara put together a team of volunteers who would come together on a recent weekend to create… art. And yes, yours truly replied to the call with the following response- “not my area of expertise, but I can move things”, or something very similar. I figured an extra set of hands couldn’t hurt and if they had enough help, I’d be informed- no harm, no foul. But my help was appreciated. Continue reading

If I can just have 5 minutes of your time ~ Shelf Life

1 Jun

So… I was trying to figure out which web series to talk about for this post and then it hit me in the face that while we promote Shelf Life on the twitter and facebook pages, and we’ve done interviews, we have never made a post simply about the show. Well, season 4 just finished “airing” the other day, so this is the perfect time, right? I agree.

Shelf Life!

Continue reading

NerdLush Asks~ You really aren’t supposed to stick firecrackers on G. I. Joe

5 Mar

Last year, I had the great fun of doing an interview for Action Flick Chick in preparation for their season 3 release, as well as their IndieGoGo campaign for season 4. And since then, we at NerdLush have stayed in touch with the lovely Tara Platt and Yuri Lowenthal… which gave us the opportunity to snag a quick interview with the duo on the eve of Shelf Life, the series, season 4. Let’s see what’s new with our fav tiny superheroes-

Shelf Life! Continue reading

If I Can Just Have 5 Minutes Of Your Time~ Web Series reviews, issue 1, Vampire Mob

30 Jul

When I started this site back in March, one of the things I knew I wanted to do was showcase and review things like comics and web series. Well, Stewart accepted the challenge of looking at comics with his ongoing series, As Long As I Don’t Wear Tights Or Spandex, so now I want to get started with a look at web series (I want to also touch on web comics, but that’s another set of posts).

I’ve gotten involved over the last few years with a lot of people that either work on or are attached in some way to a lot of different web series, and thus they keep coming to my attention. Just recently we’ve showcased Tara Platt & Yuri Lowenthal due to my work with Action Flick Chick regarding their work, Shelf Life the Series. So… these things just keep coming at me!

But for the first series up on the block, I want to share one that is near and dear to me- in part because as a supporter of it, the ups & downs of this little show have sent me on an emotional rollercoaster. But also because the creator has become a friend and really, when doing these things you should pimp your buds first, right? Thought so.

(Just to be safe… there might be spoilers)

Continue reading

Post of EPICNESS… or how I spent my SDCC 2012 vacation

18 Jul

I’ve been racking my brain trying to figure out what to write for Action Chick’s site in regards to SDCC 2012 because I was there as a representative of sorts for her site. Unfortunately, within hours of heading south, every interview we had scheduled ended up not being a GO. This was fine- it opened up my schedule immensely! But on the other hand… it would’ve been a lot easier to write up some interviews and feel like I earned my keep than to try to write up TWO experience posts. I mean- I had  to write something for my own site, right?

I’ve already thanked Stewart, but once more won’t hurt- Thanks. 🙂 He did a great job of collecting the key points and putting them together in daily posts. Heck! I was onsite and he had some info that I didn’t know. As I’d mentioned before I made the pilgrimage, I wasn’t sure what the internet situation would be during the week- so it was nice to know that someone was minding the site. 🙂 Continue reading

Nerdplosion~ episode 4… I (sort of) Survived SDCC!

16 Jul

Just a quick post to let you know that yes, your hostess survived the annual nerd pilgrimage. I want to thank Stewart for stepping up and providing great news posts! I will be writing something ASAP to share the on-sight experience. And did you get a chance to read Emily’s addition?

I also want to mention that the interview I alluded to in the recent Random Questions post– talking with Tara & Yuri from Shelf Life, the series, went live on Action Flick Chick the other day. You can find part 1 here and part 2 here. I hope you enjoy the interview as much as we enjoyed doing it! It was a laugh riot- seriously. And definitely check out Shelf Life!

I’m exhausted from days on end of geekiness and crowds, so I’m going to take my brother back up north and then veg today as I get my thoughts in order. I’m afraid if I sit to write anything right now… it would end up pretty much gibberish!

Random Questions with Tara & Yuri!

8 Jul

Recently, I accepted a mission from the Action Chick herself (really… who wouldn’t?) to interview Tara Platt & Yuri Lowenthal, the masterminds behind the webseries, Shelf Life. Of course, I had not heard of the show prior to this so I ran over to youtube to catch up. Which was helpful when I started working out questions- special thanks to Stewart for his suggestions, too! But as a psychologist, I’m a big fan of random questions- I find that you can learn a lot about someone with a bit of randomness. We had quite a few laughs during the interview but these random questions didn’t quite fit my write-up. Too good not to share, so here’s an excerpt from the interview- Continue reading

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