Howdy from LRCC!!

11 Jul

Tonight is the start of the Nerd Event Of The Year- the Galactus of all Comic Cons… The SAN DIEGO COMIC CON!

And I’m not there! That’s right- I’m at a different comic con. The 2012 Living Room Comic Con!

See… I got sick last week. I had the Incredible Hulk of flus last week and I was Loki, so I was pretty much totally smashed and thrown about like a little rag doll. And I’m also super asthmatic, so putting two and two together and you got… THE LIVING ROOM COMIC CON!!!111two

So to help me get into the con spirit, I got together a few key Con items…

– Got a sweaty shirt from my brother, made sure he hadn’t washed it in about a month so it has that ultimate Con BO smell to it.

Any closer and you’d need a hazmat suit

– Five smashed up peanut butter sandwiches


– A giant bag full of crap swag that I’ll never look at, but for some reason insist upon collecting at every spare moment of the Con day like a squirrel on cocaine… which will then be promptly put in the trunk of my car to be forgotten about for 10-12 months.

I knew I'd need that Jensen Ackles bag again someday...

To simulate the weight of the swag bag, I’ve filled this bag full of cat food!

And now to go stand outside my apartment door for about three hours. I hope I get in!!!!!

EDIT 10:06 – Phew! I just barely made the cutoff for entry into my living room. Glad I didn’t have to jab someone in the face with my pen…

2 Responses to “Howdy from LRCC!!”

  1. elizabeth ann July 11, 2012 at 10:53 pm #

    Hahaha! Poor you. Stupid flu. 😦 feel better. And enjoy LRCC 2012!


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    […] Just a quick post to let you know that yes, your hostess survived the annual nerd pilgrimage. I want to thank Stewart for stepping up and providing great news posts! I will be writing something ASAP to share the on-sight experience. And did you get a chance to read Emily’s addition? […]

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