San Diego COMIC-CON 2012 News Round-Up Day -1 (Warm-Up)

11 Jul

The San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC) isn’t starting until Thursday (unless you count the preview night of some of the upcoming series coming up this fall later today), but that doesn’t mean early news is starting to leak in regarding some of the big announcements and events coming up.  Keep checking in over the weekend for some on the ground photos and commentary complied from from NerdLush hostess Elizabeth Ann, plus yours truly bringing you a round-up of the news (and my snarky responses) coming out of Comic-Con.

First: COMICS!

Besides Marvel’s likely announcement of a Guardians of the Galaxy movie (a book I enjoyed reading in the early 90’s, recently rebooted with a raccoon with laser guns among its team members, and really will be a big test how Marvel can do moviewise straying from its big guns), after Marvel’s current multi-part, multi-book event AvX (Avengers vs. X-Men), they will be launching a big book event titled Marvel NOW!  While early interviews suggest this won’t be an all-out continuity wiping event like DC did last year with their current New 52 thing, Marvel NOW! will be shifting things around dramatically come October.  Let’s make this simple by pointing out the new books coming out so far in this Marvel NOW! plan:

Considering they’ve been beating each other senseless for most of 2012, I’m sure this won’t be all good times going in.

Uncanny Avengers (a mix of Avengers/X-Men members), All New X-Men, Avengers, The New Avengers

Now comes the somewhat bad news, meaning which books will be ending by October:

Captain America, Mighty Thor, Invincible Iron Man, Fantastic Four, FF, Uncanny X-Men, X-Men Legacy, New Mutants

I add ‘somewhat’ to this news because some of these books will be more than likely brought back starting with (sigh) new first issues, and with most of the creative teams on these books about to finish their runs on them anyway, it won’t leave too many fans out in the cold.  I’m sure a lot of details about who will be helming these future books are still up in the air, but the ones announced have some pretty good writers and artists behind them, so it seems hard to believe this will be a trainwreck for Marvel.  But we’ll see…

Second and last: TV!

As I mentioned earlier, if you are in the area come Wednesday night, there are some previews going on of some of the new shows premiering in the fall, like the Green Arrow/non-Smallville series Arrow, the J.J Abrams/Eric Kripke (Supernatural) adventure series Revolution, and the midseason thriller Cult from the producers of Chuck and the creator of Farscape (which I have been recapping recently).

Probably not the Green Arrow spinoff show Smallville fans were hoping for.

So with that, my preliminary Comic-Con round-up comes to a close.  But, I’m curious, dear readers: what are your thoughts about the whole Marvel NOW! plans?  If you are going to Comic-Con what are you looking forward to seeing or doing?  If like me and you’re nowhere near San Diego (which many San Diego commuters may wish they were) this weekend, what are you interested in hearing about?  Comment below and let me know.  Until tomorrow, when the party truly begins…

2 Responses to “San Diego COMIC-CON 2012 News Round-Up Day -1 (Warm-Up)”

  1. elizabeth ann July 11, 2012 at 11:10 pm #

    We caught the preview for Arrow. I liked it… he went further than we thought he would. But, I need to see more episodes to give a real opinion. I miss Justin Hartley in the role- got used to him on Smallville- but I don’t think his portrayal was as dark as they seem to be going for. Let’s go with… I am intrigued.


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