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Where’s the science?, take 2

16 Jul

A few weeks ago I was inspired by conversations with friends and the constant rumblings in my head to write a post asking where the science in my science fiction was. The response was great! And essentially it came down to the audience, money, and storytelling. Which is to say that most audiences don’t care if there’s sound in space (people actually complained when Whedon’s Serenity was silent in space!), money issues say that production needs to move faster and thus not focus on reality but instead- tell the story. And on that note, the story may use some realism but to be completely realistic may slow the story or add too much depth/bulk when it’s better for the story to use quick basics.

It makes me sad, but I understand. I just think that sometimes a bit more realistic science would be nice. Continue reading

Nerdplosion~ episode 4… I (sort of) Survived SDCC!

16 Jul

Just a quick post to let you know that yes, your hostess survived the annual nerd pilgrimage. I want to thank Stewart for stepping up and providing great news posts! I will be writing something ASAP to share the on-sight experience. And did you get a chance to read Emily’s addition?

I also want to mention that the interview I alluded to in the recent Random Questions post– talking with Tara & Yuri from Shelf Life, the series, went live on Action Flick Chick the other day. You can find part 1 here and part 2 here. I hope you enjoy the interview as much as we enjoyed doing it! It was a laugh riot- seriously. And definitely check out Shelf Life!

I’m exhausted from days on end of geekiness and crowds, so I’m going to take my brother back up north and then veg today as I get my thoughts in order. I’m afraid if I sit to write anything right now… it would end up pretty much gibberish!

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