San Diego COMIC-CON 2012 Round-Up Day 3

14 Jul

Stewart here…

The midway point of the San Diego Comic-Con is here and today managed to bring some surprises and some reveals worth noting.  So, let’s get to it, shall we?


–It’s all about clothes for several noteworthy summer 2013 blockbusters.  Footage and the teaser poster for the new Superman movie, The Man of Steel popped up, along with Superman’s new getup, which is not so spandex-y.  A little more interesting is the reveal of the new Iron Man armor for Iron Man 3, which I hear will be using some of the material from Warren Ellis’ storyline Extremis, which if you’ve read it, you know why this will be a big thing for the big screen version of Tony Stark.

Going for the mustard armor for Iron Man 3, I see.

–Speaking of Avengers related stuff, the short film “Item 47” screened today, before its release with the Avengers blu-ray/DVD come this September.  Imagine Bonnie and Clyde with one of those big alien guns from the movie and SHIELD being the law out to get them and you get a clue what the short’s about.  Plus, the sequels to Captain America and Thor got subtitles instead of the “2” at the end of the title.  My favorite one?  Captain America: The Winter Soldier.  If you’ve read the books recently, you know who and what it hints to for the sequel.  Can’t wait.

–Oh, and that Ant-Man test footage that Edgar Wright (Shaun of the Dead) was rumored to have shot?  It screened too.  But with The World’s End as Wright’s next movie and no plans to film yet announced, don’t expect the diminutive Avenger to appear in theatres anytime soon.

–AND another piece of Marvel news: as rumored for awhile, there will be a Guardians of the Galaxy movie in 2014.  And yes, one of them is Rocket Raccoon.  I’m not sure how this film will play to a mass audience, but we’ll likely know more by the next Comic-Con.

You will believe a raccoon can fight evil in space with a blaster gun.

–Another big movie shown off was Quentin Tarantino’s upcoming Django Unchained.  Actually, another big piece of news came from an unrelated DC panel, where Tarantino appeared unexpectedly to announce a mini-series based on the movie will be coming out around November.  Knowing how much his movies leave of material filmed on the cutting room floor (see the Inglourious Basterds script in comparison to the movie for example), this might be a good venue to explore the backstory of the film.

–BTW, those of you who went to the panel for the upcoming Guillermo del Toro giant robot/giant monster epic Pacific Rim, get ready to be hated by your friends for awhile.  The footage screened will be the only time footage is shown before the teaser comes out around December.  So yes, if you did, I hate you.

–Another Legendary related post (good lord, they are just taking over Comic-Con with news, apparently), is their remake of Godzilla has a director in Monsters’ Gareth Edwards.  While another English remake of the scaly Japanese monster is not something I look forward to, they got a director who could do wonders with this (rent Monsters to get a clue what he can do with giant monsters and no budget to work with).


–The guys behind the recent old school G1 Transformers games are doing a game that really appeals to me: Marvel’s merc-with-a-mouth, Deadpool!  Yep, not the Baraka from Mortal Kombat looking Deadpool from that ho-hum Wolverine movie, but the insane, nigh unkillable, burnt hamburger (man who once made meat armor from caracasses in a meat locker) Deadpool.  And with Nolan North (he who is Nathan Drake from Uncharted) as Deadpool, I smell guilty pleasure time when this comes out.


–Syfy, home of such acclaimed fare as Sharktopus, previewed their big 2013 TV show/MMO connected project, the sci-fi western-esque Defiance.  It’s been worked on for a while now, and with a pretty good cast and an intriguing interactive concept (the game will drop along the same time the show premieres), it’ll be interesting to see where this experiment will go next year.


–In webseries related news, The Guild is coming back for another season.  No specific details yet, but just so you know, its coming to the Geek and Sundry YouTube channel when it does.

Lots of news today, and with one more day left for Comic-Con, who knows if any other last minute reveals are coming down the pipe.  But, what news has surprised you this year at Comic-Con?  Were you let down by any news from Comic-Con?  Leave your thoughts and feelings below.  Until tomorrow…

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  1. Lago July 16, 2012 at 12:32 pm #

    Can’t wait for Iron Man 3!


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