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Television Graveyard, plot 14~ Blood Ties

29 Nov


Toronto based private investigator Vicki Nelson stumbles into the supernatural world in this short-lived series out of Canada. Continue reading

Gag Reels- show me the funny!

29 Jul

I’ve been down for the count all week with Con Crud leftover from SDCC, which translates to a DVD marathon. I’m catching up on Supernatural because I’m a season and a half behind due to not liking an event in season 7. So… I have to catch up- which means I need to start at the beginning.  Continue reading

Old Adventures… Salute to Supernatural 2007

6 Sep

While living in Chicago for a short time, I didn’t get out and do as many nerdy things as I’d liked- I’ve actually done more nerdy things in Chicago since I moved back to California! But one of the things I did do was head out to the Creation Con Supernatural event in 2007. At the time, I’d never seen Supernatural (I was working on my masters, had only public TV, and was very sheltered due to being a California kid living in a city that actually had WEATHER!) so I opted to go to the con for two reasons- two guests that I adored and a few friends from around the state were heading in for it. However, I came out of the weekend with a love for Jared and Jensen (damn them for being awesome) and a need to watch the show. Continue reading

Post of EPICNESS… or how I spent my SDCC 2012 vacation

18 Jul

I’ve been racking my brain trying to figure out what to write for Action Chick’s site in regards to SDCC 2012 because I was there as a representative of sorts for her site. Unfortunately, within hours of heading south, every interview we had scheduled ended up not being a GO. This was fine- it opened up my schedule immensely! But on the other hand… it would’ve been a lot easier to write up some interviews and feel like I earned my keep than to try to write up TWO experience posts. I mean- I had  to write something for my own site, right?

I’ve already thanked Stewart, but once more won’t hurt- Thanks. 🙂 He did a great job of collecting the key points and putting them together in daily posts. Heck! I was onsite and he had some info that I didn’t know. As I’d mentioned before I made the pilgrimage, I wasn’t sure what the internet situation would be during the week- so it was nice to know that someone was minding the site. 🙂 Continue reading

FanGirl Squee… Convention season is upon us!

19 May

Alright… the season isn’t really a season anymore as there are great conventions throughout the year and all over the country, but back in the day starting with Easter and running through Labor Day, it was convention season.  Continue reading

Buy Me A Pint with Galactic Credits — Stewart’s Favorite Fictional Drinking Buddies

17 May

Now, I preface this by saying there are some mild spoilers, so be warned, dear reader…

First off, I’m not one of those guys who goes out regularly, let alone with relatives or friends on a weekend to hammer down a few beers and have some fun.  Not that I have crap relatives or friends to hang out with for options, its just not my style.  However, on the rare occasion when I do, I find myself often being the designated driver, which is like the equivalent of being third string quarterback in a football team, and by that I mean, sitting bored out of my ass taking care of drunken fools.  So with that thought in mind, I decided to form my own league of fictional characters I would enjoy going to a bar with and not worry about being the only sober one. Continue reading

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