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Television Graveyard, plot 14~ Blood Ties

29 Nov


Toronto based private investigator Vicki Nelson stumbles into the supernatural world in this short-lived series out of Canada. Continue reading

Television Graveyard- plot 10, Forever Knight

16 Nov

In 1992 vampires returned to TV.


Forever Knight followed “Nick Knight”, a homicide detective who just happened to be an 800 year old vampire. The series was a follow-up to the 1989 TV movie, Nick Knight, starring Rick Springfield. The series starred Geraint Wyn Davies as the moody detective.  Continue reading

Television Graveyard- plot 8, The Gates

19 May

One of the great things about the end of the “normal” TV season is that it gives a chance to sit back and enjoy, via Hulu or Netflix, a show that ended years ago or that you may have missed. In my case, I have been enjoying a short lived supernatural series from 2010- The Gates.

24678 Continue reading

My Latest Obsession- part 3

7 Sep

And I’m back! I know… you’re dying to find out what made the cut for my obsession with Karl Urban, part 3. You’ve read parts 1 & 2, right? Well… for this installment I have put together four films that range from science fiction fun to wacky vampire violence, to confusing fairy tale and finally a suspenseful drama. It’s an odd mix, I admit, but overall a good collection of flicks. Continue reading

Ruining a Genre: Popularity of Twilight and Hunger Games

6 May

Life isn’t perfect, in fact often it is quite the opposite. Despite the efforts we make day in and day out, not everything goes our way. That is what makes dystopian novels and movies so intriguing and interesting. Its our world, but slightly off. It gives the possibility of ‘what if.’ Usually it’s something like a war, or sickness, or government battle that changes the world, but it is also something feasible, and that is why it is terrifying. Continue reading

SDCC- Buffy 20 years panel pt 1

27 Dec

Here is the first part of the only other panel I recorded at SDCC 2012– the Buffy’s 20 panel! Look for the second part soon!


Video provided by James Kus

I hate your guts, Bill Compton!

11 Dec

Ah, True Blood.

See, sometimes I’m told for homework purposes for my gypsy-esque job that I have to watch a movie or a television series. Tough life, right? Well sometimes. See, I’ve never been one for the whole vampire-saga romance bullhonkey that seems to have everybody’s panties in a wad. It’s just not for me. I’m more of a Breaking Bad and Homeland kind of girl. But yet…. here I am. Having to marathon through every single episode. So here’s been my answer to a lot of inquiries I’ve had recently, along with my answers: Continue reading

Why so sexy mister undead man?

26 Jun

Seriously… why are we so drawn to vampires? And now zombies- OK, maybe we aren’t attracted to zombies, but we are drawn to them (and no, please don’t start a conversation about bath salts here). And werewolves- OK, technically not undead but… OMG! what draws us to these creatures of the supernatural?

I really want to know.  Continue reading

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