Television Graveyard- plot 10, Forever Knight

16 Nov

In 1992 vampires returned to TV.


Forever Knight followed “Nick Knight”, a homicide detective who just happened to be an 800 year old vampire. The series was a follow-up to the 1989 TV movie, Nick Knight, starring Rick Springfield. The series starred Geraint Wyn Davies as the moody detective. 


In the series, vampires were mythical creatures- in other words, no one believed them to be real. And only Nick’s close friend, Dr. Natalie Lambert- the department’s medical examiner, knows of Nick’s status as a vampire. Though he’d lived for 8 centuries, Nick wanted nothing more than to be human again- a goal that Natalie was assisting him with.

For added drama, Nick’s former vampire buddies- Lacroix and Janette- cause trouble for Nick. Lacroix wants Nick to give up his dream of humanity and return to troublemaking fun with him.


Nick’s partners, Detective Schanke for the first two seasons and Detective Vetter for the final season, do not have a clue that Nick is anything other than a normal man. Though, Detective Vetter does learn about the supernatural when a new vampire comes to town in the third season- Vachon.

The show is basically a typical police procedural drama, with a vampire twist. There’s Nick’s cravings at crime scenes when he’s forgotten to drink before work… A grand explanation for why a guy who sleeps all day drives a classic convertible- trunk size is important for hiding from the sun…

If you like vampires… like slightly cheesy (by todays standards, at least) police procedurals… or are just looking for something new, then give this show a try!


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