Gotham… do I like it or not?

18 Nov

As I type this, I am halfway through the ninth episode of Gotham. And I still can’t decide if I like it.


I want to like it.

I haven’t missed an episode yet.

But I find myself doing other things when the show is on. And to me… that means that I am not invested in it. I don’t answer the phone or read or randomly play online during Arrow or Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. or when I rewatch episodes of Buffy. So obviously there is something about Gotham that I am just not connecting to.

gotham- jgI love Donal Logue as “Bullock”. The “Alfred” and “Bruce” stuff is growing on. I am even starting to like Cat (“Selena Kyle”). I want to like Ben McKenzie as “Jim Gordan”. I can’t decide if I am creeped out by, or if I like, Robin Lord Taylor as “Oswald”. Which is probably the point.

For the record- I think I have not bought into Ben McKenzie because he has no expression other than grumpy bastard. Not even when macking on his girlfriend! What’s up with that?

And I do not like “Fish Mooney” at all. I don’t know anyone that does. And I hear that the promise of the character only being on for one season has been destroyed… sigh.

gotham cast

So I need to know- am I missing something? Do you guys LOVE this show? What am not connecting to it?

I know it’s weird that they can’t seem to decide what the era is- cell phones with forties stuff with 80’s cars. What? But I have decided to pretend it’s like in Watchmen… all eras go together. So what is it? I really can’t figure out why I am not loving this show. I should be… it’s right up my alley. But- it misses the mark somehow.

I promised myself I would give it to the winter hiatus, but it’s tough.

What do you think?

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