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Ben Affleck: Not Here to Destroy Batman

3 Sep

It’s been over a week since the new Batman actor was announced, and the internet exploded with cruel comments and shock. Well, now that it has died down a bit I can honestly say… I AM SO EXCITED FOR BEN AFFLECK TO BE BATMAN! Continue reading

Ruining a Genre: Popularity of Twilight and Hunger Games

6 May

Life isn’t perfect, in fact often it is quite the opposite. Despite the efforts we make day in and day out, not everything goes our way. That is what makes dystopian novels and movies so intriguing and interesting. Its our world, but slightly off. It gives the possibility of ‘what if.’ Usually it’s something like a war, or sickness, or government battle that changes the world, but it is also something feasible, and that is why it is terrifying. Continue reading

Shindig fun for the WIN!

12 Apr

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, or are new to the site, you are aware that we just celebrated our 1st birthday with a karaoke party. Wait… let me rephrase that- with a karaoke party of AWESOMENESS!

fun times!

fun times!

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Happy Birthday, NerdLush!

19 Mar

Today is our first birthday! Woohoo! Thank you all for your support. We hope that you’ll be able to join us in a few weeks when we celebrate with karaoke!

Let there be cake!

Let there be cake!

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Madden Girl: An Anti-Bullying Web Series REVIEW

3 Mar

There is nothing quite like LA traffic to make a person question whether or not their destination is worth all the trouble. I contemplated that Saturday as I sat in the parking lot known as the 101 North at 1:30pm. I was on my way to the premier of the new web series, Madden Girl. Created and starring Britt Elexandria, Madden Girl is a comedy about an overweight high-schooler constantly being bullied not only by classmates, but also by family about her weight. Besides just being a comedy, it was created in part as an anti-bullying campaign. Since it is a show and not a 30 second PSA or a one page article, the show has the ability to really delve into ways of dealing with bullying and how important it is to stand up for yourself and your friends. Continue reading

This Didn’t Count: a review of the new web series WALK OF SHAME

15 Feb

The awkward morning after a one night stand can be one of the more uncomfortable experiences we experience during our crazy college and post college days. Most of us have at least one cringe worthy story, or at the very least can tell a story of a roommate or Frat brother who tried to sneak out of the bedroom of someone who’s name they can’t even remember.

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The Four Letter Word in Sci-Fi Shows: Cancelled

11 Feb

It’s that awful moment during November sweeps, or during summer, refreshing your internet feed on twitter and tumblr when you see it- your favorite show has been CANCELED. Saddened and dismayed you take to the internet, posting comments and signing petitions, uploading rants about networks and their executives to YouTube  After a few days, sometimes a few weeks in rare occasion, the average person moves on to another show, another fandom. Still, there are always shows that linger in people’s thoughts years after cancellation  with fans always hoping that somehow the show will find a resurrection, as Firefly found with Serenity (although lets be honest, most of us would back a Kickstarter campaign to bring the show back in any form), Futurama found with another network, and of course the resurrection of Doctor Who in 2005, now one of the most popular shows in both Britain and the USA.

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