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Yes, I am easily amused. But this is damn entertaining. And AWESOME.

8 Dec

Yes, I’ve been slacking on this but in my defense… I’ve been busy. Below find the hilarious video of NerdLush’s own Emily performing the one woman show of Les Miz at the NerdLush Halloween Extravaganza 2013. This seems to be the closing number for our karaoke parties. I’m OK with that.

NerdLush Halloween Extravaganza!

21 Sep

Well, it’s been a few months since our last shindig and Halloween is one of our favorite times of year… put those two bits together and BOOM! you have NerdLush Halloween Extravaganza!

OCTOBER 19th!!! 8PM!!!

We’ll be doing the costumed karaoke thing. Again. I think it’s our thing… who cares, though- it’s a lot of fun.


We’ll also be celebrating the birthday of one of the crew (weird how this seems to keep happening)- Dee2.

We’ll have a costume contest, a karaoke contest, and snackies! Probably a cake or something too… it’s what we do!

The venue is a lot of fun and has free parking! No cover! But drinks and food at the venue are on YOU!

where? Soop Sok!

Drop a line to RSVP as space is limited- comment here, on the Facebook invite, on twitter, or send us an email! Whatever! Bring a friend!

Never been to a NerdLush party? Well… check out our first one and also our birthday party back in April!

Shindig fun for the WIN!

12 Apr

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, or are new to the site, you are aware that we just celebrated our 1st birthday with a karaoke party. Wait… let me rephrase that- with a karaoke party of AWESOMENESS!

fun times!

fun times!

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