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Halloween has come and gone…

3 Nov

Not much happened for NerdLush in the way of scares this year. There was a friendly movie night with screenings of Slither and Cabin in the Woods, but that was pretty much it until this weekend when on vacation to the city of Angels.

A visit to the entertainment capitol of the world- or at least that’s the claim- came full of shrieks and screams as Universal Studios Hollywood was once again transformed into “Halloween Horror Nights”. Of the four in the party, all but one had been before, and two were not fans of things jumping out and scaring them. But the end report from all four was that it was a good and fun evening of scares.


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31 Oct

It is that day of days… the one where scares and candy are all around us… it is a beautiful day. I’m spending it at work. Which… is less fun how I would hope to spend the day. And how about you, my lovelies? Who is getting (or is) dressed up? Who is going to a party or trick or treating? Anyone hitting a haunted house?

Sadly, this holiday season has gotten away from me… I’ve done no haunted houses. And only just started watching horror films the other night. Sigh.


NerdLush Halloween Extravaganza!

21 Sep

Well, it’s been a few months since our last shindig and Halloween is one of our favorite times of year… put those two bits together and BOOM! you have NerdLush Halloween Extravaganza!

OCTOBER 19th!!! 8PM!!!

We’ll be doing the costumed karaoke thing. Again. I think it’s our thing… who cares, though- it’s a lot of fun.


We’ll also be celebrating the birthday of one of the crew (weird how this seems to keep happening)- Dee2.

We’ll have a costume contest, a karaoke contest, and snackies! Probably a cake or something too… it’s what we do!

The venue is a lot of fun and has free parking! No cover! But drinks and food at the venue are on YOU!

where? Soop Sok!

Drop a line to RSVP as space is limited- comment here, on the Facebook invite, on twitter, or send us an email! Whatever! Bring a friend!

Never been to a NerdLush party? Well… check out our first one and also our birthday party back in April!

It’s fun to be scared! ~ NerdLush goes to ScareLA

14 Aug

You guys have been around for a while- you know there are two things that we at NerdLush LOVE ~ conventions and Halloween. Well, there’s a new convention in town that happens to be all about Halloween! WIN!

ScareLA celebrated it’s first year with a convention in downtown LA, at the LA Mart. They took up the 2nd floor of the building with classes, workshops, panels, presentations, and booths. Emily and I opted for the cheapest, one day ticket, and so we did not have access to participate in the classes or panels, but we could wander the hall (through the booths) and around the workshop areas (to see the various projects being taught/done) and sit at the stages to enjoy the presentations. Continue reading

Halloween 2012

18 Sep



So… we are in the countdown to Halloween… what are you doing and what plans for ghoulish fun do you have?

Click the link above to see how long we have left until the big day!

Generally I hit up Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights. And I’ve done a corn maze/haunted house deal out at Pierce College. I’d like to hit the Queen Mary this year- Emily went last year and said it was quite good. What else in LA area should I look into?

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