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Happy Birthday America!

4 Jul



Happy fireworks (be safe!), food, friends/family, and freedom!

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QoLywiaM6PA]

I’ll be watching Capitol Fourth on PBS later- my favorite concert of the year.

Today… stop and remember…

25 May


Memorial Day doesn’t mean a lot to most people- it’s a day off from work punctuated by BBQs and maybe some fireworks. And that’s OK. Continue reading

Happy Fourth of July!

4 Jul

If you’ve been playing along via the facebook or twitter feeds, you know HQ moved this week. So… I am still a little behind in what’s happening outside of HQ…

But I’ve now done the annual viewing of Independence Day. Three viewings so far today! Which, of course, has set my brain off thinking about Dean Devlin is going to do in the sequel…

Happy fireworks (be safe!), food, friends/family, and freedom!

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QoLywiaM6PA]

What’s in your toy box?

26 Dec

Now that Christmas is over, let’s take a moment to be thankful for the time with family and friends, and the tasty tasty tasty food, and gifts, and not being at work. Unless you were at work, or away from family and friends, in which case I am thankful for you because I love you all. (It’s possible I’m crashing from a sugar overload… it might be best to ignore me right now). Continue reading

Happy Holidays from all of us!

24 Dec

Just a short note today- it’s a busy time of year what with family and friends and holiday fun. But we here at NerdLush wanted to be sure to wish all of you a very happy holidays- whatever you celebrate.  Continue reading

Holidays are here again!

20 Dec

We’re just days away from Christmas and the New Year. Hanukkah and Thanksgiving are already passed- and joyous they were! And Kwanzaa is just around the corner as well.

Personally, I’m heading home to spend the next couple of weeks loafing around at my moms. Awwww, bliss.

I wish all of you joyous holiday season, from all of us at NerdLush. Continue reading

Giving Thanks

28 Nov

Today in the United States is a day set aside as a day to give thanks and be with family and friends. As I firmly believe you should be thankful everyday, I prefer to take Thanksgiving as a time spent with family. However, I wanted to take a few minutes to make a list of some of the many things I am thankful for-


*I am thankful for each member of the NerdLush crew and all the life they bring to this site. Continue reading


31 Oct

It is that day of days… the one where scares and candy are all around us… it is a beautiful day. I’m spending it at work. Which… is less fun how I would hope to spend the day. And how about you, my lovelies? Who is getting (or is) dressed up? Who is going to a party or trick or treating? Anyone hitting a haunted house?

Sadly, this holiday season has gotten away from me… I’ve done no haunted houses. And only just started watching horror films the other night. Sigh.


Let Freedom Entertain!

3 Jul

Last year I wrote a brief post about spending the fourth of July- Independence Day here in the United States- watching the “classic” Dean Devlin film, Independence Day. Had some trouble coming up with a topic for this year, but in the end I decided to make a list of some of the best things to watch on this holiday. This is totally biased to my tastes- I’d love to hear what you think!


Continue reading

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