What’s in your toy box?

26 Dec

Now that Christmas is over, let’s take a moment to be thankful for the time with family and friends, and the tasty tasty tasty food, and gifts, and not being at work. Unless you were at work, or away from family and friends, in which case I am thankful for you because I love you all. (It’s possible I’m crashing from a sugar overload… it might be best to ignore me right now).

I got no toys for Christmas. Shut it- just because I am not a kid doesn’t mean I can’t have toys. I did get many wonderful things, though, so I am not complaining. And my kittens got a “toy” in the form of a new play tower- very excited to get that home and set up. But in seeing all the posts from friends on Facebook and Twitter, it made me think about some of the toys from Christmases past.

cabbage patchI can only remember getting one toy that was “hot” at the time- my mom waiting in line for a Cabbage Patch doll back in the early 80’s. We never had game systems growing up- so no scrambling to get the latest game. When I was a kid, black Friday didn’t start til 7am on Friday! My older brother had the Star Wars toys… we still have the Millenium Falcon out in the garage.

I’ve checked with my mom, we never had the “hottest” toys. Back in the mid-70’s my parents bought the “hottest” toy from JCPenney for my older brother… but they tried to put it together and set it up for him and it never worked. So he got his birthday presents instead. And when I came around, they never bothered with that whooey. We did have the toys that went along with the popular things at the time- I have a Princess Neesa stuffed toy that went with the Return of the Jedi animated spinoff with the Ewoks. But that was never the IT toy. 

x-wingMy mother wants me to point out that she opted to not get us these toys because most of them did not need us to play with them- them played just fine by themselves. She wanted toys, for us, that we would have to use our imagination… Makes sense to me.

So I was wondering about those toys… I can’t see that I would’ve really wanted them- looking back, that is. We still have a lot of our favorite toys and none of those “popular” ones would’ve made the cut. But I wanted to take a look and see what toys were deemed to be the IT toy… TIME put together a compilation list… take a gander. Did you have any of them?

Oh, and for the record- I’m not saying we never had any of the toys on these lists, just that we didn’t have them for Christmas. I have a Furby. But I bought it for myself. Also… Lego’s are ALWAYS a good gift/toy.

What do you think?

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