Favorite Blogs!

28 Dec

OK, confession time… It’s the end of the year and I’m on vacation (so are the rest of the NerdLush crew, apparently) and I have no posts lined up. So… the most recent posts have been thought up about an hour before they are scheduled to run. But… that doesn’t mean I don’t mean what they say! Lots of good stuff, I think. I have vacation brain and would spend the entire day in my Cookie Monster footie pjs if I could.

So… today, I’ve decided to do another list and link to some of my favorite nerdy (and not so nerdy) blogs and sites.

  • Wil Wheaton. I’ve written in the past about how my first celebrity crush was on Wil Wheaton, and I even wrote a fan letter!, but his blog/twitter/social media are quite entertaining and informative. If you grew up in the 80s and you aren’t following Wil somewhere… you are missing out.
  • Bonnie Burton was brought into my view by some mutual friends and she has been a delight to follow! Whether it’s learning about her fun crafts or her obsession with Benedict Cumberbatch (I wonder where my own obsession came from!) I highly recommend following her in some manner or other.
  • Action Flick Chick. Well… you guys already know that I adore Katrina, so she had to be on this list! ’nuff said.
  • can’t get enough of our own Stewart? Well, then, you should check out his posts on his site. Good stuff.
  • George Takei. This links to his main website, but you should definitely be following George on Facebook if you aren’t already. Always get a giggle from his posts.
  • IKEA Hackers is full of easy ideas to make your life better.
  • someday I will have a space that I can use these great ideas!
  • my friend Deb wrote some books and then started a blog, where she writes about all things. But mostly things that make me weepy and want to give her and others all the hugs ever. In a good way.
  • and lastly, I don’t have to tell you guys to be reading The Bloggess, right? Because she’s awesome and hilarious and makes me happy.

What do you think?

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