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ARROW Season 2×09, “Three Ghosts” recap

12 Dec

arrow-00002Welcome back, Arrow-heads, and boy, we got a lot to cover before we get started here. Let’s start with the island flashbacks as our group gets to that sub with the super-serum, and injects Slade with it to save his life…which seems to kill him instead. Things in the present aren’t as rosy either, with Ollie discovering a plot to make more of this compound (that he swears is completely destroyed) with one of Brother Blood’s test subjects doing the grunt work. After telling Roy to back off the bizarre deaths that he knows are being caused by the super-serum’s failures, Ollie traces Blood’s henchman to a storage facility, and promptly gets left for dead. Good thing Felicity has been making cute with visiting forensic guy Barry Allen, because she has him abducted to help a dying Ollie. How does that turn out?

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