Holidays are here again!

20 Dec

We’re just days away from Christmas and the New Year. Hanukkah and Thanksgiving are already passed- and joyous they were! And Kwanzaa is just around the corner as well.

Personally, I’m heading home to spend the next couple of weeks loafing around at my moms. Awwww, bliss.

I wish all of you joyous holiday season, from all of us at NerdLush.

Now that the formalities are over, I have some questions-

  • What are your favorite holiday movies?
  • What is your favorite holiday song?
  • What holiday episodes of television shows are your favorite?

Last year, I made a play list of some of my favorites and so I’ve been wondering about the rest of you.

My favorite holiday film is White Christmas. I try to watch it at least once, preferably with my mother. I cannot remember the first time I saw it but I’ve always loved it. I also love almost every version of The Nutcracker. There is an animated version voiced by Megan Follows and Kiefer Sutherland that I adore. As well as the Baryshnikov version.

Again, “White Christmas” is one of my favorite holiday songs, but my favorite song is the duet between Bing Crosby and David Bowie. Followed closely by all the songs on the John Denver and the Muppets Christmas album. And Feliz Navidad.

Television episodes are harder to pin down as favorites as there are so many wonderful ones. M.A.S.H. had a great episode. Buffy had “Amends”, which had some wonderful points (Buffy’s haircut excluded). Bones has had a few, though the first season episode is probably one of the best hours of television. Eureka ran two in it’s tenure- the second being animated/claymation and amazing clever. But, if I’m being honest with myself, my favorite Christmas themed episode is from the 90’s classic My So-Called Life. Can’t even think of the end of the episode without tearing up.

So… those are my answers. Love to hear some of your favorites!

What do you think?

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