Marathons… not just for runners anymore!

18 Dec

You know what’s truly sad? Staring at this space does not magically make a post appear. Especially when I get so easily distracted by the marathon of Eureka running on my TV.

Oh… wait. 


I like to marathon TV shows. You know that, I know that. It’s no secret. But not every show is worth a marathon. So let’s take a look at some of my favorite shows to marathon…


Since this one is currently on, let’s start here.

I first watched this series a year ago and loved it. The characters, the dialogue, the stories… everything. It’s quirky and fun. And I just adore the chemistry- especially between Colin Ferguson and Ed Quinn’s characters during the first two seasons. And any episode with Niall Matter’s Zane. Not gonna lie- there are some good looking men on the show. And ladies. But the cast (regular and guests) are  amazingly talented.

I think I’ve seen this series maybe… 4 times (counting this time). And it still gets me caught up in it. Love it!

*Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel

Joss Whedon’s first television series(plural!) are still favorites. Brilliant writing- both in story and dialogue- and some wonderful performances keep these series on the go-to list. Yeah, some things are dated- the height on the jeans, for instance, is super entertaining to watch; the cellphones, etc- but that’s never been the stuff that kept a person watching. We watched because we connected to the characters.

High school (and real life, in Angel) was hell.


Yes- it’s another Whedon series. And yes, it’s less than a season in length. But… if you’ve seen it, you know.

You can’t stop the signal.

*Criminal Minds

It’s a procedural, yeah, but it entertains me. Except for that one scene where I want to throttle Agent Morgan. But that’s neither her nor there- there’s something magical about this series. It’s a procedural… there are literally tons of them available to watch. But this one keeps audiences coming back because the cast has something… special.


Another procedural that I can’t pass up on is the Mark Harmon captained series. OK… I was annoyed with the loss of Ziva because I’m a diehard “Tiva” fan. But the series has proven that it is more than a single piece and that it can utilize the rest of the pieces in order to keep an audience.

Trust in Harmon.


Well, you know we love this show here on NerdLush- Stewart’s been recapping it for months! There’s something so innocent about Clark as he matures into the hero he needs to be. Love it.

I’m absolutely positive that I could go on about more series I love to marathon but I feel the need to stop here and here from you about which shows you love to camp out and watch!

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