An Open Letter of Love & Thanks…

16 Dec

I have no particular topic to write about today- at least not in the sense of sharing my thoughts on a TV show, film, album, fandom, or other geeky tidbit. No, today I am going to take a minute and wish minion #1, Stewart, a very happy birthday.


This site is a labor of love. I created it because I was writing for others and having geeky adventures, and my thoughts needed a home. Since that creation, others have come to make it their home too. None more than Stewart- I have close to 200 posts here, Stewart is right behind me. Without Stewart NerdLush would not be what it is- there’d be no schedule for posts, there’d be no series posts (he singlehandedly runs the recap side of the posts!)… this site would just be me sitting here thinking about stuff and rambling (which, alright, I admit I do that still).

What you don’t know is that Stewart and I go back to high school. He was a sophomore when I was a freshman. We had some classes together and did some shows, but I was better friends with his sister. But time passed (no, I won’t admit how much) and social networking brought us back together a few years ago- yes, due to my reconnecting with his sister- and low and behold, we had similar interests and thoughts about things. Who knew? Blah blah, more time passed, NerdLush came into being, and here we are- wishing Stewart a very happy birthday.

If I was a good boss, I’d send him a present but I’m poor so he just gets this open “love letter” of thanks for all he does here. He is minion #1 because like Igor, I can count on him to always have my back. Also, it sounds cool in my head. But it’s true- everytime I whine about not having a post, there is suddenly a draft waiting in the queue. EVERYTIME. That’s huge. Seriously. I stress a lot about making sure there are posts ready to go and what they’ll be about and who is going to write things… but since no one makes any money around here, I don’t assign things or demand that people stick to my schedule. The Crew have real lives- they write when they can- and I appreciate when they are able to bring something to share. But Stewart… man, this is why I love him- whether it’s true or not, Stewart makes me believe that NerdLush means something to him. He is always right there to help out, to post, to manage the site… whatever.


That means so much to me.

With all my heart, and thanks from everyone- but mostly me- HAPPY BIRTHDAY STEWART!!!


(Emily tortures me with this video every year… so now you get to feel my pain.)

3 Responses to “An Open Letter of Love & Thanks…”

  1. stewartmoncure January 3, 2014 at 2:07 pm #

    Awwwwww…thank you. I can’t say it enough, but thank you.


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    […] Additionally, the crew grew to include Catie and Lee. Which sadly, takes the token male title away from Stewart, but he’ll always be my Minion #1. […]

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