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Guest Post!~ 5 Great Books for Your Summer Beach Getaway

17 Jul

Cassie is a freelance writer who enjoys topics that combine technology and literature. Whenever the weather is warm, she takes her favorite e-reader and books with her to the beach.
I would like to thank NerdLush for publishing this article. The site provides in-depth recaps and analysis of comic book based shows, anime and conventions. Check out their FanGirl Squee section for recaps and reviews.


beach books

What better way to relax at the beach or pool than with a good book? A lot of people still consider summer books as throwaway novels, but that doesn’t mean those are the only types of books you can read during the warm months. Continue reading

Looking for adventure? Zartana may be your girl!

4 Oct

Our pal Tara Platt is running a fundraiser to help produce a new book. We want to share part of the press release- which I think explains why we’re excited to help support this project… Continue reading

NerdLush Asks- Interview with an Author, Chapter 2 ~ Alex Langley

23 May

Sometimes new authors  (or in this case, new-ish) cross our paths and we feel the need to share them. This time we have the honor of interviewing Alex Langley, who has written some fabulous “geek” books as well as the upcoming graphic novel, Kill the Freshman, which was a Kickstarter that we helped fund last year. Continue reading

All The Nomz: The cookbook for hungry geeks

23 Jun

For the last 6 months I have been working with two great people (David and Marian) on a very exciting project that was born out of a discussion about carrots with Alaskan Folk singer Marian Call. Yes carrots.

It’s been a very quick 6 months that has been challenging (in a good way), exciting and a little frustrating (stupid HDD failure). None of us had worked together before, heck we’d only know each other a couple of months and met once in Geneva for Marian Call’s CERN concert before diving into this crazy thing.

So what exactly is this crazy plan of world dominat…..I mean crazy awesome geeky charity cookbook thingy with awesome people in it all about? Continue reading

Ruining a Genre: Popularity of Twilight and Hunger Games

6 May

Life isn’t perfect, in fact often it is quite the opposite. Despite the efforts we make day in and day out, not everything goes our way. That is what makes dystopian novels and movies so intriguing and interesting. Its our world, but slightly off. It gives the possibility of ‘what if.’ Usually it’s something like a war, or sickness, or government battle that changes the world, but it is also something feasible, and that is why it is terrifying. Continue reading

So… I read a book ~ Mockingjay Review

10 Jan

(Caution – SPOILER ALERT!)

Like everyone else in the world, I bought the first book in the much-hyped Hunger Games series just to see what all the fuss was about. Not that I expected to enjoy it, of course. I expected to flick through, read the occasional paragraph and quietly titter to myself, and end by boomeranging the darned thing to the nearest thrift store, where it would take its place amongst at many Read-It-Once-And-Go-“Oh, so THAT’S whodunit!” Dan Brown books and the twelve vinyl copies of Michael Jackson’s Thriller album that I believe every US charity shop is now required by law to carry.

To my surprise (and initial annoyance), I thoroughly enjoyed it. Don’t tell anyone, but in fact I found myself so swept up by the cliffhanger ending of Book 1 that I rushed out and bought Books 2 and 3. Continue reading

National Novel Writing Month Diary 2012

1 Dec

The following are two posts I had written for a summary of my work this November on National Novel Writing Month.

The premise, as its been for the last few years, is to promote fledging and wannabe writers by giving them a challenge: write an original book made up of 50,000 words within the month of November  Thirty days, 50,000 words at the minimum to do.  you sign up at their website (, and they provide you with advice, word count average you should make per day, and a graph of what your word count is for each day you log it online.  You then can have your novel checked a few days before the end of the month to see if you got up to 50k in words.  The reward for participating is not some cash prize, but its an exercise to build up your ability to write if that’s what you’re interested in doing.  Plus, you now have a working draft of a full length novel (if you’re lucky) as a result, so in away, you’ve already won. Continue reading

Stan Lee touched me; and other Comikaze anecdotes

20 Sep

Out of the chaos, we emerge exhausted & broke, but having had a good time with great experiences, we arrive home satisfied. Here’s how it played out:

Continue reading

San Diego COMIC-CON 2012 Round-Up Day 1

12 Jul

Stewart here…

Comic-Con has begun, and with Elizabeth Ann on the ground floor doing her thing for NerdLush (and hopefully just having a great time), I’m here to recap some of the big news and events that happened today in San Diego.

First: MOVIES! Continue reading

As Long As I Don’t Wear Tights or Spandex, Issue 3 — PAX ROMANA

28 Jun

Stewart here…

PAX ROMANA by Jonathan Hickman (Image Comics/collected)

If anything can be learned from time travel stories, its that meddling with the past can have unintended consequences.  One of the best examples of this is the now late Ray Bradbury’s classic short story A Sound of Thunder, where a simple bug being crushed changes the entire course of human history.  With all the infinite possibilities for disaster the notion of going back to the past presents, you would think such an idea would not be cavalierly pursued.  The concept of writer/artist Jonathan Hickman’s time travel world-building epic Pax Romana is that even with a unified purpose, things still can change in a surprising way. Continue reading

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