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NerdLush Asks- Interview with an Author, Chapter 2 ~ Alex Langley

23 May

Sometimes new authors  (or in this case, new-ish) cross our paths and we feel the need to share them. This time we have the honor of interviewing Alex Langley, who has written some fabulous “geek” books as well as the upcoming graphic novel, Kill the Freshman, which was a Kickstarter that we helped fund last year. Continue reading

Stan Lee touched me; and other Comikaze anecdotes

20 Sep

Out of the chaos, we emerge exhausted & broke, but having had a good time with great experiences, we arrive home satisfied. Here’s how it played out:

Continue reading

NerdLush Asks~ Interview with an author…

11 Apr

Have you ever looked around your friends and realized that you know some pretty amazing people? I have. There are the usual people- old friends and new, full of amazing stories and skills. There are those that come into our lives for brief moments, and others we can’t seem to get rid of. And there are those people who we peg as being one way- rocker chick, for example- but have this hidden gift that you have to get to know them in order to learn about. My friend Tash is like that. Continue reading

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