This Didn’t Count: a review of the new web series WALK OF SHAME

15 Feb

The awkward morning after a one night stand can be one of the more uncomfortable experiences we experience during our crazy college and post college days. Most of us have at least one cringe worthy story, or at the very least can tell a story of a roommate or Frat brother who tried to sneak out of the bedroom of someone who’s name they can’t even remember.

Valentine’s day premiered The Crittick’s newest webseries, WalkOfShame, which deals with some of the most ridiculous scenario’s a girl can find herself waking up to. Each episode deals with a different girl waking up and encountering a different problem, all which accumulates with her saying “this one doesn’t count,” something that most men and women say about a hookup at one point in their lives or another.

Walk of Shame

WalkOfShame features such famous YouTube and webseries stars such as Jimmy Wong, original musician and supporting actor in the acclaimed Video Game Highschool series, as well as Nikki Limo who stars in many Totally Sketch episodes and the feature film Smiley, among others. One thing that helps put this webseries and push it above the constant stream of web released content that floods out of YouTube is that each episode stays under five minutes and still maintains mild hilarity, for the most part. Sisterhood3THUMBWhen it isn’t happening to you, watching someone try to make a discrete exit when their clothes are half hidden under a sleeping person, or running into a roommate at the bottom of the stairs is beyond giggle worthy, and many of the antics go even farther than that, including Anne waking up to a twenty dollar bill that says “thank you” with her clothes by the door.

As with any sketch series that uses different actors and situations for each episode, there are hits and misses, and with only six episodes currently online, one miss can throw the viewer off from continuing on since there isn’t enough to counter balance. The series also used the same set for each of the episodes, and while that is fine, the same props and setups can be seen in each situation. HarrySallyTHUMBThe bedroom feels like the smush room at the Jersey Shore house, with different couples constantly sleeping with each other and then never seeing each other again. The main issues with the show seem- for the most part- to have been behind the scenes, not doing a good job differentiating between rooms, and in the preview/teaser episode a girl asks “where are the towels?” when she had been standing next to a pile of them moments before.

Apart from the lack of attention to sets and editing, the show does evoke a few laughs, and makes some of the one night stands the average person experiences seem less cringe worthy in comparison. Overall, it is worth checking out, but I don’t think I’d click the subscribe button just yet.

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