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DC TV Recap Round-Up, Week 20: The Resurrection of Beebo!

26 Apr

Welcome back! We get a return (The Flash) and a departure (Legends of Tomorrow) this time around to recap, along with the next to last episode of Black Lightning this season! So let’s get to it… Continue reading

DC TV Recap Round-up Issue 1: “Have You Seen This _____?”

4 Feb

Stewart here…

Welcome to the first official installment of the DC TV Recap Round-up!  If you read last week’s winter break recap, we are back to regularly scheduled programming.  Obviously Arrow is covered in greater detail on this site, but we’ll briefly discuss that before jumping into returning favorites like The Flash, Supergirl, and Legends of Tomorrow.  So…  Continue reading

Ben Affleck: Not Here to Destroy Batman

3 Sep

It’s been over a week since the new Batman actor was announced, and the internet exploded with cruel comments and shock. Well, now that it has died down a bit I can honestly say… I AM SO EXCITED FOR BEN AFFLECK TO BE BATMAN! Continue reading

mini-Nerdsplosion- Kevin Smith edition

5 Apr

One of the events I have covered fro AFC at this point was the Kevin Smith- Live From Behind “screening”. You can read the actual write-up of it on AFC’s page. Pretty much I covered every important aspect plus my reactions to the event in that write-up. I would like to state for the record- at this time, I still have not seem any episodes of Comic Book Men, nor do I plan to.

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