DC TV Recap Round-Up, Week 20: The Resurrection of Beebo!

26 Apr

Welcome back! We get a return (The Flash) and a departure (Legends of Tomorrow) this time around to recap, along with the next to last episode of Black Lightning this season! So let’s get to it…

“The Resurrection and the Light: The Book of Pain”

Lots of stuff goes down this episode, but let’s get to the big one of Tobias being back! So he’s got some connection to Proctor, and is tasked to bring Black Lightning to Proctor alive, with the help of the recently un-paralyzed Khalil! Khalil is back too, complete with spinal implant and dreadlocks, and generally angry about what happened to him. But he’s part of the big scheme to bring Black Lightning out of hiding, which involves attacking Jefferson’s high school!

“Time to die, Black Light–wait, hold up! You’re the principal of this school!” “What? I — I mean, hell naw, dawg!”

Jefferson and Anissa fight Tobias, Khalil, and that creepy henchwoman Tobias has, and that fight leaves Jefferson dead! But not for long, because Jennifer’s powers manage to revive him, and the whole family makes their way to a remote cabin to heal up and hide. On another front, we find out Lala is under control of Tobias all this time. And Tobias wants to cut ties with Proctor permanently! How will this all pan out in the season finale?

–So the show’s returning for another season, so I don’t expect all the plotlines set up to be closed off next episode. I can see where these metahuman kids that were kidnapped years ago become the big impetus next season.

–It’s rough to see a rather tender moment with Jefferson and Lynn making out get defused a few scenes later when Jennifer tells dad she thinks mom is examining her to find a cure for her super powers. Jennifer just causes trouble this episode.

–Interesting note in that fight between Anissa and Cyonide that the latter seems to not have a normal arm based on that injury she gets.

–So Lala basically is mind controlled by Tobias, which is odd, but does that explain all that weird stuff with those ghosts and everything?

–I thought that Jennifer’s powers would come to use in overpowering Jefferson to fight some bad guy (maybe it still will), but how it came to use reviving her dad after Khalil accidentally killed him with that punch to the heart.

–“Legs for loyalty.”

–“Do you believe in the Resurrection now?”

–“My parents had sex and all I got was superpowers.”

“Null and Annoyed”

So Barry is still trying to train Ralph on how to be a good superhero, but damn it if he keeps joking around. Of course this is all a defense mechanism for all the stuff he has to deal with, like losing those metahumans throughout the season and his own fear of being killed by DeVoe, but he needs to get his head straight as they seek a metahuman who can levitate people so she can commit robberies. Our metahuman baddie, Null, is also smart enough to foil Team Flash’s attempts to capture her, not helped by Ralph’s issues. But eventually they take down the metahuman thief, and things are good there.

In other plots, Harry’s time in the thinking cap has got him using the Gideon in Thawne’s hidden chamber now. Cisco has to let Breacher know that he’s losing his power due to aging, and Breacher suggests a way to keep seeing Gypsy in taking his place as an inter dimensional bounty hunter. And in the creepiest part of this episode, our dear Engineer has discovered her husband has been drugging her to keep her docile and obedient…and that’s before realizing she has discovered this before multiple times! And like all those other times, Clifford wipes her memory yet again! Whoa.

“My jazz hands are ineffective!”

–Ralph becomes a giant whoopee cushion to save Barry from a fatal plunge brought on by Null. Of course, that means a giant fart noise. Sigh.

–Some better humor is in Joe being played by Ralph. That was a lot of fun.

–Speaking of weird humor, Jay and Silent Bob apparently exist in this universe now as security guards! Not a surprise, since Kevin Smith directed this episode (yes, before his recent heart attack, in case you were wondering about the chronology of things).

–Breacher is trying to kill space vampires when we see him. So some dimension in the multiverse has space vampires.

–So maybe not hide your video confession (s) as “New Lemonade Recipe” all the time.

–“Try the nacho doughnuts!”

–“Two for the landing, but a perfect Ten for the thud.”

–“I told you we needed this job!”

“The Good, The Bad, and The Cuddly”

Following the last episode of Mallus escaping from his time prison, Rip Hunter buys the team some time to escape by blowing up a time drive with him holding it (R.I.P. to Rip?)! The Team make their way to the time blind spot of the Old West era Salvation, North Dakota with our ol’ buddy Jonah Hex to figure out what to do. That reprieve is short lived, because Mallus sends a possessed army of pirates, Vikings, and Romans to get those totems the Legends possess. Meantime, Ray takes Damien Darhk to a bit earlier before Mallus revealed himself in order to save Nora, and Damien does that…by becoming Mallus’ host body!

The Legends get some help in Ava, Helen of Troy, a not evil Kuasa (hey, timeline change!) and a slightly older Jax (welcome back, black half of Firestorm!) to fight the Mallus’ army, but they still have to fight Mallus, which they can only do when they use their totems together! While their first attempt to create a Mallus killer goes, um, badly, they succeed in creating the greatest warrior: a giant Beebo! Suffice to say, Beebo feeds his hunger for kicking ass by destroying Mallus for good. But as we learn from Constantine visiting the vacationing team in Aruba, that may not be the only demon they freed with their time foolery!

Pretty sure whatever the hell that is they made wouldn’t stand a chance against Mallus.

–Amaya heads back to her time without Nate, and while it seems for good, she is still slated to come back next season.

–Jax has a wife and a daughter now, named after Professor Stein. That’s cute.

–Do we really think Rip is dead? I’m sure he’s fine, where or whenever it is. Same with Damien Darhk.

–Jonah Hex gives Zari his hat, because, they kinda like each other. Awwww.

–“They beat him with the Care Bear Stare!”

–“Are we making a baby?”

–“Worst orgy ever.”

–“Today is the day we earn the name ‘Legends’. Now, how do we sneak out the back?”

–“Beebo want cuddle!”

–“Beebo is the one true god.” That he is. That he is.

NEXT TIME: Supergirl returns to the recap round-up in time to face a threat from the Toyman, Black Lightning ends its season as Jefferson and Tobias face their own showdowns, and The Flash makes a move to take down DeVoe!

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