Ben Affleck: Not Here to Destroy Batman

3 Sep

It’s been over a week since the new Batman actor was announced, and the internet exploded with cruel comments and shock. Well, now that it has died down a bit I can honestly say… I AM SO EXCITED FOR BEN AFFLECK TO BE BATMAN! Yep, I am in the minority, and it’s a pretty small minority, but I think he is going to be amazing. It seems that people who are against this casting focus only on Ben’s crappy roles, and movie flops such as Gigli, Daredevil, and Jersey Girl. Now there is no real excuse for those movies, except that Ben wanted to work with the woman he was dating, and that meant he took crappy roles in even crappier movies.

But he has done so many other roles, and starred in so many amazing films. He’s been in over forty different films and television shows as a reoccurring character, and played so many different types of characters, proving that he has a strong range. For year,s in his early movie career, he was one of Kevin Smith’s go to guys for male leads, and those movies have survived the last 15 years with a strong cult following, and high ratings and reviews when they are re-aired on television.

He has also appeared in numerous action drama films that did incredibly well at both the box office and VHS/DVD sales. Armageddon and Pearl Harbor were amazing movies; and Ben Affleck was fantastic in both of them. Granted, they are not superhero movies, but they do require acting ability and a strong physical physic and strength. Lets also not forget what an amazing job he did directing and starring in Argo recently.

I think that casting Ben Affleck as the new Batman is a great idea, he has done so many movies that I love, and every Batman should be different. When the series gets a reboot, one shouldn’t be looking to recreate the same thing that came before. That is the whole point of a reboot or a remake to tell a different side of the story, a different interpretation, or to follow a different cannon or comic line. I think that people need to stop hating, and look where the potential is, and it has great potential to be a great film starring a great actor.

2 Responses to “Ben Affleck: Not Here to Destroy Batman”

  1. Valerie September 3, 2013 at 1:20 pm #

    I admit, I don’t know why I reacted so strong AGAINST his casting but in the end, what the hell do I know? I’ve actually enjoyed a lot of his movies (especially Armageddon and some of the Kevin Smith films) and I do think he’s a talented actor. I guess I just don’t see him as Batman and that’s not even because I have any loyalty to the hero’s previous portrayers. It’s just this gut thing while trying to figure out how he’s going to play Bruce Wayne/Batman.

    That little said, I want him to kick ass and prove me so wrong so that I eat any horrid words I might have said. LOL

    • elizabeth ann September 3, 2013 at 4:19 pm #

      That little said, I want him to kick ass and prove me so wrong so that I eat any horrid words I might have said. LOL

      Yes. Catie’s post reminded me that is how I want to feel too- prove my initial feeling wrong! I’m much more open to the idea now, especially after letting it settle and opening myself to others opinions.

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