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Welcome to Hollywoodland!

9 Sep

I live in LA. I have friends throughout the entertainment industry. It was only a matter of time before I was involved in some project, right?

If you said yes, gold star to you.

I recently had the opportunity to wear a few hats on the set of a short film. NerdLush friend, Tara Platt– you know, from Shelf Life, duh- gave herself a personal challenge to film and complete a short film in a 48 hour period. Putting the call out via social media, Tara put together a team of volunteers who would come together on a recent weekend to create… art. And yes, yours truly replied to the call with the following response- “not my area of expertise, but I can move things”, or something very similar. I figured an extra set of hands couldn’t hurt and if they had enough help, I’d be informed- no harm, no foul. But my help was appreciated. Continue reading

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