Old Adventures… Salute to Supernatural 2007

6 Sep

While living in Chicago for a short time, I didn’t get out and do as many nerdy things as I’d liked- I’ve actually done more nerdy things in Chicago since I moved back to California! But one of the things I did do was head out to the Creation Con Supernatural event in 2007. At the time, I’d never seen Supernatural (I was working on my masters, had only public TV, and was very sheltered due to being a California kid living in a city that actually had WEATHER!) so I opted to go to the con for two reasons- two guests that I adored and a few friends from around the state were heading in for it. However, I came out of the weekend with a love for Jared and Jensen (damn them for being awesome) and a need to watch the show.

In case you were wondering which two guest brought me in- since it obviously wasn’t those two- it was Nicholas Brendon and Steve Carlson. I just reread the journal entry I wrote about the con and laughed so hard…

Once again, the pretty pics from this event- with the guests- are posted on the people I’ve met page. Nick was rocking a fabulous pink tie and Steve a sparkly belt. These things stand out to me in my memory. Ha!

The pics below… well, they are not my best. In my defense, we had shit seats in the back of the huge room and my camera had a cruddy lens. However, here are some basic pics from the event of Mark Lutz, Nicholas Brendon (just one for some reason), Steve Carlson, Jared Padelecki, Jensen Ackles, and Frederic Lehne.

What do you think?

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