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On The Road Again… SDCC 2012 Here We Come!

10 Jul

This time tomorrow I will be on the freeway heading from LA to San Diego in the annual Nerd Pilgrimage. I missed San Diego Comic-Con last year so I am super excited to be attending this year. I usually attend, with my brother (see here and here for explanations as to why), on behalf of Evil Squirrel Comics in Chicago. I love ESC- it’s my home away from home. This year, however, James and I have a new boss and shall be working for my other home away from home- Action Flick Chick. In the last few weeks, it’s been fun getting an idea of who we may end up talking to for AFC. Certainly made our usual moseying around a little more difficult, but goodness knows- we are up to the challenge! Continue reading

FanGirl Squee… Convention season is upon us!

19 May

Alright… the season isn’t really a season anymore as there are great conventions throughout the year and all over the country, but back in the day starting with Easter and running through Labor Day, it was convention season.  Continue reading

Nerdsplosion! episode 2

13 Apr

I did a great recap of the last year + nerd adventures over on PL. Which you don’t need to go there to read, because I loved it so and therefore just copy/pasted it here. 😛 Continue reading

Comic book geek girl… sort of

22 Mar

This is the part of the tale where I tell you I am a comic geek. Except… Continue reading

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