Guest Post!!~ John Barrowman’s Garage Sale

21 Mar

A new guest poster is joining us today with her first post… and adventure off to the wilds of Palm Springs in search of John Barrowman’s Garage Sale.


Guest Blog By: Shayne Left Lane

Twitter: @ShayneLeftLane

It’s a lovely Sunday morning and Southern California is ablaze from the sun. My normal morning routine goes like this: wake up, get up to get my tablet, make sure it’s charged, and browse Reddit.

One of the subreddits that I follow had a blog post talking about John Barrowman’s garage sale on Saturday and Sunday, complete with photos of the inventory and an address to go to. Sweet! Since I don’t tweet often or browse Twitter, I didn’t find out about the garage sale until this morning. I gently woke up my boyfriend and handed him the tablet with info on the garage sale. Surprisingly enthusiastic, he said yes, do you want to go?” To which I also enthusiastically replied, “hell yes!”

In 15 minutes, we got snacks, I hauled my laptop, and we set for the hour and change drive to Palm Springs. The roads were scenic and gorgeous, but I cannot stress enough how sweltering this heat was.

Once we arrived, it was easy to find parking up front and realize that the large garage sale looked like three neighbors who came together to form a mega garage sale. There were clothes, books, fine wares, and memorabilia. So much memorabilia. A part of me was happy, because I thought at midday on Sunday, there wouldn’t be much left to buy, but lucky for me I was able to get some great stuff. As soon as we got to the address that John tweeted out, I saw a delightful table full of teacups near books, clothes, and other knickknacks. First, I got matching two teacups, two saucers, and four small plates. Then, after perusing more books and men’s shirts I stumbled on to the garage filled with memorabilia from Doctor Who, Star Wars, Game of Thrones, and so much more. After perusing, I decided on Doctor Who comics (volume 1-3) and a 10 DVD box set of The Great War. I chose all of them as gifts for others. This past weekend being my brother’s 21 st birthday, and the major history buff of the family, I thought that he would love the box set! When I went to pay for my items- it was John Barrowman who took my card. 🙂

He was so nice and personable while I stood there super awkwardly, waiting. Being terrible at small talk. John signed all of the comic books, which I’ll probably read tonight! It was a really cool experience overall. Meeting John Barrowman at a garage sale was cooler than fighting the crowd at cons!

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