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Upcoming Nerd Adventure

3 Jun

As you know, we enjoy wandering out and having nerd fun. Our last adventure was to the renaissance and pleasure fair. So this short post is to see if there would be interest in a nerd adventure to visit JPL. Come on… it’s science! Space!

We are suckers for space around here… the crew were all sitting around our various homes watching Curiosity’s landing last year. I have the NASA channel on my TV so that I can watch whenever I want.

Personally, I’m a wee bit jealous when people in my tweeterfeed go on about their visits to JPL… I wanna go to. So come with us. Let’s go learn about space!

NerdLush 2012 highlights!

31 Dec

As 2012 has been the first year of NerdLush (and THANK YOU for our great success!), I wanted to be sure to look back on some of the highlights of the year- not just ours but those of nerdy & geekyness. This post contains input from all of the NerdLush contributors of 2012- myself, Stewart, and Emily. We opened it up to new contributors Natasha and D2 but haven’t heard their thoughts yet… maybe they’ll get off their tushies and comment 😉

Enjoy the collection of highlights! Continue reading

Our Curiosity has been piqued!

5 Aug

Mars is easily my favorite planet. In middle school, in order to get into the super fancy engineering academy high school, I wrote an essay about how much I wanted to be the first woman on Mars. And I have evey intention of one day taking a vacation to Mars (probably when I’m elevendy.) So, with that being said…

WE JUST LANDED STUFF ON MARS!!!!!!!!!!!! Continue reading

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