Nerd Adventure! Renaissance Pleasure Faire!!

26 Apr

Recently, Emily and I made our way to Irwindale to attend the annual Renaissance Pleasure Faire. The faire runs from early April through mid-May. We went together in 2012 and while we had fun, the heat was such that we both got sunburnt and were grumpy by the time we got home afterwards. We planned better this year and arrived at the faire a little after 2pm and stayed til almost closing. This allowed us to arrive at the height of the heat but remain as the sun dropped and the heat lessened. Also, there was a fire in the hills near by, so as a bonus we got to enjoy watching a fire rescue chopper take water from the reservoir. The other attendees and participants at the faire kept calling it a dragon- it was both cute and weird.

We were there on time traveler weekend, or some such similar title. So the steampunks were everywhere. As were a few Trekkies and stormtroopers. The Doctor was wandering around as well. Sort of nice to see everyone getting along and playing well with others. Made my nerd heart smile.

In my opinion, we had a lot more fun this year. We interacted more with the faire-goers, we went to different events, I looked for an appropriate outfit (failed to find one), and we fell in love with a delightful pirate punk band. Yes, pirate punk. It made us squeee. In fact, other than food- the only thing I bought at the faire was CDs. (I think my next music post will be about them)

The only thing this faire really misses is fun booths- there are few booths that we even ventured into because we’d either already seen the items before or they simply were not interesting. A few booths caught our attention enough to stop and browse the front table, but not enough to go inside.

We did stop and enjoy the turtle race (ours came in 3rd). And Emily proved her archery skills are still strong. Do not mess with the NerdLush Wench- she will hurt you. archer

My one true confusion is that I don’t know why “pleasure” is in the title of the faire… by adding that to the title, I expect… well, you know what I expect to find. But there is no flogging, no inappropriate toys, no adult only section… nothing. So… why is this part of the name of faire? Did it used to be part of it? I’m confused.

Here’s the photo album on the facebook page!

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