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Garrus Vakarian is my Wingman — Why I Still Love Mass Effect, Part 2

28 Apr

Stewart here… and some spoilers follow in case you asked…

In this installment, I really want to start by taking the time to focus on the squadmates, and if you’re good about it, friends in the Mass Effect series.  In this case, just to keep things light, I’ll focus on your squadmates from the first game.  Everyone’s got their favorites they want with them on every mission, and I know I feel the same way.  Sure I’ll shift them around in necessity of missions, but there are the “go to” squadmates every player of Mass Effect has.  The only downside of the whole thing is the greedy part of me that wants to take more than two for my squad.

So, in no particular order, here are my thoughts on your team from the first Mass Effect (with some spoilers as to the whole trilogy): Continue reading

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