NerdLush 2012 highlights!

31 Dec

As 2012 has been the first year of NerdLush (and THANK YOU for our great success!), I wanted to be sure to look back on some of the highlights of the year- not just ours but those of nerdy & geekyness. This post contains input from all of the NerdLush contributors of 2012- myself, Stewart, and Emily. We opened it up to new contributors Natasha and D2 but haven’t heard their thoughts yet… maybe they’ll get off their tushies and comment ūüėČ

Enjoy the collection of highlights!

Elizabeth Ann~

I’m adding my thoughts after both Stewart & Emily have added theirs below… so I’m going to skip a lot of my favorite things because I know they both covered them. ūüôā Great minds and all that. ūüėČ

*finally watched some scifi programs that I missed- Enterprise and Eureka, top of that list.

*amazing nerd films- Avengers, Dark Knight Rises, Cabin in the Woods among the top of my list.

*fun nerdy moments in my personal life- creation of NerdLush, meeting James Gunn & Lloyd Kaufman, Stan Lee touching me, tweeting with the likes of Jane Badler (OMG! love her!), etc etc…

*Lollipop Chainsaw, the game that made me play games again. ūüėČ

*a new particle found!

*watching Curiosity land live!

*oh! nerd arguments- there was that happening around Felicia Day where that “writer” from Destructoid or something got royally slammed for dissing the nerd queen. And there’s the crazy lawsuit from the guy who¬†plagiarized The Oatmeal,¬†telling the¬†Oatmeal guy to stop harassing him… but he blatantly stole¬†The Oatmeal posts. O_o

*this one isn’t a nerd thing but a society thing… I just want to say how beautiful it is/was to watch & be a part of communities coming together to help others. There have been a few major events in 2012 that deeply effected some communities of this nation (and others), but the helping hands that others held out… truly heartwarming. I wish it was an everyday¬†occurrence¬†though and not something that came around just because of some incident.



For all the brain-dead stupidity that happens to dominate the headlines, there are great moments that remind us humanity can be better than that.  So, here are things I am very grateful and geeky for:

–We landed something on Mars! ¬†Technically, we landed something on Mars already before Curiosity, but still…We landed something on Mars!

–Math wins the presidential election! ¬†Take that, people who don’t believe math is necessary to live life!

–The discoveries of new things female internal organs can do! ¬†They can destroy rape sperm! ¬†Also, they can transport you to magical dimensions! ¬†One of those statements is a outright lie (hint: its the first one).

–I get one more season of watching Walter Bishop playing god in a lab on Fringe.

–Joss Whedon finally has a successful movie he directed. ¬†Way to make up for Serenity.

–Someone fell to the ground from the sky. ¬†That happens often, but this guy did it from sub-orbit. ¬†Kind of different.

Mass Effect 3 gives me a good end to a great trilogy of videogames. ¬†Except they’re doing 4 now. ¬†Ummm….

–Great new innovative sci-fi comics like Saga and Prophet.

–YouTube busted out some geeky programming!

Breaking Bad reminds us of the wonders of magnets!

–Creationism is called out by The Science Guy! ¬†Hi-five!

Looper! ¬†Tucker and Dale vs. Evil! ¬†Skyfall! ¬†The Hobbit! ¬†The Cabin In The Woods! ¬†Movies that aren’t remakes!

–We got Soundgarden back! ¬†And Garbage! (OK, the last one comes from my love of redheads)

And finally…

–We proved the Mayans wrong (this is being written before December 21st, so…fingers crossed)!



There is nothing here.



– Star Trek TNG restored from 35mm and remastered in bluray


– Avengers/Joss Whedon’s big happy explosion into blockbuster films (runner up to Cabin in the Woods)

– The Hobbit


-MASS EFFECT 3 (I will eventually review this once I… uh… finish it…)


-Youtube Smackdown from Bill Nye to Creationalists


– Obligatory remark about Grumpy Cat


– The Curiosity landing

– Higgs Bosom particle kinda sorta explained maybe?

– ¬†Release of the super awesome Raspberry Pi computer ¬†(Dear Santa…)

– Sugar found in space, reaffirming my believe that there is a planet made of cupcakes somewhere out there.

2 Responses to “NerdLush 2012 highlights!”

  1. Action Flick Chick Katrina Hill January 1, 2013 at 4:18 am #

    Yay, NerdLush!!! You’re aging well.

    • elizabeth ann January 1, 2013 at 11:03 am #

      Thanks!!! Really appreciate the support! Think it’s time for another AFC/NL team up ūüėČ

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