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See Ya Later, 2016! Don’t Let The Door Hit Ya!

31 Dec

Greeting and salutations from all of us at NerdLush! Warm wishes for a happy and safe New Year! And may 2017 be a HUGE improvement! Continue reading

Drunk Year in Review

1 Jan


Eliz to the beth  just posted that someone should write an end of year something and I said that I could do it while drunk and SHE said DO IT so here I am after a litre of cider, some cake vodka shots, and half a bottle of expired sangria. I haven’t had much alcohol since starting my ketogenic diet, so I have like zero tolerance now. Which is pretty sad but cost effective, I guess.

So the year in review! I’m probably the least liely person to do this because a) I have the memory of a goldfish and b) I rarely get out to do things but whatever. I’m here so let’s go! Continue reading

It’s the end of the year as we know it… I feel fine.

30 Dec

We’ve almost reached the end of 2013 and I’d like to hear from you! Take our Best Of 2013 poll and let us know some of your favorites. 10 questions long, and you get to fill-in the answers with what strikes you!


Personally, I look forward to your answers. I think I probably missed a few things that I’ll hear about from some of you.

We’ll post the results soon! And feel free to SHARE the link to the poll- we’d like to hear from as many people as possible!

NerdLush 2012 highlights!

31 Dec

As 2012 has been the first year of NerdLush (and THANK YOU for our great success!), I wanted to be sure to look back on some of the highlights of the year- not just ours but those of nerdy & geekyness. This post contains input from all of the NerdLush contributors of 2012- myself, Stewart, and Emily. We opened it up to new contributors Natasha and D2 but haven’t heard their thoughts yet… maybe they’ll get off their tushies and comment 😉

Enjoy the collection of highlights! Continue reading

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