See Ya Later, 2016! Don’t Let The Door Hit Ya!

31 Dec

Greeting and salutations from all of us at NerdLush! Warm wishes for a happy and safe New Year! And may 2017 be a HUGE improvement!

NYE 2017

I won’t get political in this post (or on this site) but here’s hoping we get some positives instead of what I anticipate to be a lot of negatives…

Hopefully, we’ll run a few Best/Worst of 2016 posts soon… It’s been a rough year in many ways for us, but… there have definitely been some highlights!

Personally, I am making a commitment to post more here at NerdLush- I have a few ideas for series posts that I’d like to do. I would like to ask the members of the NerdLush crew to make a commitment to post something every month- we miss hearing from the rest of the crew!


I’d like to also open the doors to NEW crew members… do you have something to say about something nerdy? Looking for a place to do that? Come join us! (Drop an email to with the subject line “pick me pick me pick me“)

Overall, 2016 gave us some new adventures. Got to talk at a few conventions about one of my heroes, “Wonder Woman” (which also led to hanging out with some of my favorite nerds! and making new friends!) Even went out to a few new conventions! Including the San Jose, Heroes and Villains Fan Fest which was a lot of fun! Which led to getting to meet some people whose work I enjoy 🙂

Another highlight of 2016 was meeting back up with our Stewart… we may be the backbones of NerdLush but we haven’t been in the same place in XX years. (yeah, I’m not actually admitting how long it’s been! LOL)

"Here's a #Latergram from dinner with Stewart the other night... We had 2 pics where one of us looked good and the other was making a face... So I fixed it. 😝 "

“Here’s a #Latergram from dinner with Stewart the other night… We had 2 pics where one of us looked good and the other was making a face… So I fixed it. 😝 “

We’ve lost a lot this year… like… so much, I can’t even conceptualize it all! But here’s hoping that we’ve learned some stuff,too, and can come together to make 2017 the best year yet! Thinking positive thoughts!!! xoxo

What do you think?

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