Drunk Year in Review

1 Jan


Eliz to the beth  just posted that someone should write an end of year something and I said that I could do it while drunk and SHE said DO IT so here I am after a litre of cider, some cake vodka shots, and half a bottle of expired sangria. I haven’t had much alcohol since starting my ketogenic diet, so I have like zero tolerance now. Which is pretty sad but cost effective, I guess.

So the year in review! I’m probably the least liely person to do this because a) I have the memory of a goldfish and b) I rarely get out to do things but whatever. I’m here so let’s go!


I haven’t seen GRaity, yet but I think that’s probably the coolest movie of this year. I heard a lot of shizz about it so I’m going to go with that as my top pick. My second top pick would probably be … Oblivion? That was fun. Kick Ass 2 everyone said sucked but I thought it was actually pretty great. Did Iron Man 3 come out this year? Id didn’t see that one etiher.  I think I only saw Oblivion and Kick Ass 2 in the theater. Maybe some other things…. But I don’t remember them, so they couldn’t have been THAT great. Oh! Europa Report… That was great.


Obviously, What Does The Fox Say wins everything ever.


Everything Netflix did was pure gold. House of Cards had Kevin Spacer and Orange is the New Black had that chick and Derek made me cry like every episode because Ricky Gervais .  That is my pick.


Nightcrawler came back from the dead and it was totally lame but NIGHTCRAWLER! Yaaaaaay fuzzy man. Wait did a new X-Men movie come out this year? If so, I think that was good too.


Mars did some cool stuff. And I think there was a Venus of Transit… was that this year? This year was too big. There was that Astronaut that sang that song and that went viral.. Also the year of the Doge. I had an argument over how Doge is pronounced because I heard on NPR it was pronosued Dohj instead of Dogue or Doog. Also bitcoins. I could have gotten in one that when it first started but no, I thought it was a silly fad. It’s not going to last much longer but damn, it’s been fun (and sad because I’m left out) to watch that roller coaster.


The NSA thought it would be sweet to get on up in everybody’s grill and people are annoyed by it but nothings really happened about it so… I don’t know. Where is Anoymous in all this? Edward Snowden.

New iphones came out. And iPads. And there was that Darth Vader Mac Pro.

Also, Everyone decided to copy everything on Buzzfeed to Facebook. That got super annoying super fast.



Lots of vidja games came out. I din’t think I finished any of them though. Ass Creed 6: Pirate Boogaloo was pretty bad… The Last of Us was great and I should finish that one because SOMEONE keeps taking up all my WEEKEND TIME, me!! I need to stop being so gosh darn productive and slack off a bit and enjoy my games.

So that’s my drunken year in review! I’m not even going to spell check this mofo because I want you to enjoy my drunk! And Scene.

PS: I’ve decided to create some NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTIONS for y’all:

See more movies

Play more games

Top reading Buzzfeed

Maybe invest in Doge Coins???


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