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National Novel Writing Month Diary 2012

1 Dec

The following are two posts I had written for a summary of my work this November on National Novel Writing Month.

The premise, as its been for the last few years, is to promote fledging and wannabe writers by giving them a challenge: write an original book made up of 50,000 words within the month of November  Thirty days, 50,000 words at the minimum to do.  you sign up at their website (, and they provide you with advice, word count average you should make per day, and a graph of what your word count is for each day you log it online.  You then can have your novel checked a few days before the end of the month to see if you got up to 50k in words.  The reward for participating is not some cash prize, but its an exercise to build up your ability to write if that’s what you’re interested in doing.  Plus, you now have a working draft of a full length novel (if you’re lucky) as a result, so in away, you’ve already won. Continue reading

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