San Diego Comic-con- I survived Con Crud!

2 Aug

This is probably the last significant post we’ll do about SDCC 2013, but I wanted to do a personal round up of my time there. Last year’s post still gets regular hits, so for some reason this sort of thing is of interest.


*Preview night- caught the preview for Almost Human, a new sci-fi cop show on FOX. I liked the trailer I saw in May. I liked the pilot. Here’s hoping FOX doesn’t screw with it. They ran the pilot of CW’s The 100 but we left after 10 minutes because I couldn’t take it. The only way I’d watch this show again was if there was a counter in the corner that ticked every time someone died and we turned it into a drinking game.

Bailed on walking the exhibit hall or any of the outside stands in favor of getting out of downtown.

*Thursday- Traditionally, we spend Thursday walking the exhibit hall IMG_20130718_183207 from one end to the other, following the lines of the rows/stalls in order to see everything once before going back to see anything in particular. This years walk took around 2 1/2 hours- just short of the 3 hour average. This tells you a lot of about the sheer amount of booths to see (as well as the crowds to be dealt with). We ran into Marian Call, twice (more to come about that in a later post) and saw many awesome cosplays (also some not awesome, but they put in effort so points to them!)(oh, no points to those who completely failed at the rules though). We found Catherine Annette and Madison Dylan, of Femme Fatales and Monster School fame and caught up with them.

The only panel we caught was “Geeks Get Published” with Bonnie Burton, Katrina Hill, and Travis Langley on the panel (among others). It was very interesting to hear the different paths each took to getting their work published and out there. If I ever write something, I feel better prepared to move forward with it now.

We left and hunted a mexican restaurant that claims to be the original home of taquitos. This is what happens when your brother watches all the food and cooking shows.

IMG_20130719_092945*Friday- This was our chosen panel day- i.e. our get up before the sun rises and attempt the lines for the big rooms. Last year we got up with the sun and ended up waiting for many moons to get into the room. This year we arrived at the convention center at 6:45am, got into the line for Ballroom 20 at 7:15am, and we were seated in Ballroom 20 a little after 9:15am. Not too bad at all. Yes, there were many ahead of us who had camped all night, but there was still plenty of room in the hall when we got in. BTW- the con doors don’t even open until 9 and the nothing opens/starts til 9:30 or 10.

First panel of the day was The Big Bang Theory writers. Introduced by a video from Stephen Hawking, and interrupted by Johnny Galecki in costume. I’m a bit behind on the show but this was a really fun panel. Next up was Legend of Korra, chapter 2 (which is the panel the campers were there for). I knew absolutely nothing about this prior to the panel (oh, how sad the life without TV is!) but they ran an intro video and I got pretty caught up. Then they ran the first episode- much to the surprise of the crowd (pretty good stuff, actually).

The third panel was the first one we were there for- Bones. Both Boreanaz and Deschanel were in attendance, along with Hart Hanson, who gave away a deep dark Bones secret. David, as Booth, proposed to Emily, as Bones, and the pair did a scene reading from the end of last season (though they switched parts to hilarious results). The end result of the panel is that there will be a wedding, and the bad guy will die. (Clips from this panel are in this video)

IMG_20130719_144609Next was the Marvel panel for Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. with full cast, writers, and Joss. Oh, and a screening of the pilot. Which is fantabulous, by the way. This was followed by the Almost Human panel (with another screening of the pilot- still liked it), which had the cast and producer. Fun panels both. (Clips can also be seen in the previously linked video)

One thing we learned by this point- do not leave a microphone in the hands of David Boreanaz or Karl Urban. Neither have filters and they’ll just go on and take over a panel. Which is awesome and hilarious, but if you have a particular point to make, they won’t let you get to it. I’m not complaining, I’m just mentioning this.

TV Guide was up next with a random panel I didn’t pay attention to. Except for Clark Gregg, who is fabulous and should be king (or at least prince) of Comic-con.


And finally the panel we’d waited all day for- Joss. I’ve always loved the solo Joss panel. He just sits and talks with the audience- he might pimp a project but mostly he just answers questions. It’s a funny and delightful time. I don’t think I’ve missed one yet (unless I wasn’t at SDCC). Here’s the video in case you missed it.

We debated staying for the Justice League screening but we’d been in the room for like 9 hours at this point- we needed out.

By the way, I wrote a review of the Almost Human and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. pilots for Action Flick Chick.

*Saturday- we were late arriving due to the annual meal with relatives, but we’d decided to wander the exhibit hall again, see if we could score any deals and then head up to Ballroom 20 for the afternoon, if possible. We also caught Marian Call for a short interview (again, see a later post). Found Nicholas Brendon and Jacqui (always two of our favorite convention peoples), as well as Tara Platt and Yuri Lowenthal. The afternoon schedule for Ballroom 20 was the FOX animation panels, True Blood, Vampire Diaries, and Arrow. We don’t really follow TB- though I did promise to catch up. Neither of us watch VD. So we were going for Arrow (which you know is my guilty pleasure). We were finally able to get in the room between TB and VD (which is weird to say/type) and thus got to check out the VD panel. Add Ian Somerholder to the list of people who need mics taken away. 🙂 But it was a fun panel and I promise to watch the series- marathon style- soon.

The Arrow panel was what we were interested in . They showed a brief video- awesome since they’d just barely shot anything!- and had a surprise entrance by John Barrowman who crashed the panel and hopefully will be back in season 2. Watch the video here.

We considered wandering the outside stuff (Arrow was the last panel in 20 for the con, only the masquerade was still on the rooms schedule) but honestly, 140,000 people for so many days is too much and we wanted to get away.

*Sunday- we had nothing in particular planned other than leaving early as San Diego is a bit of a drive from my place in LA and my brothers in Central CA, so we simply wandered the exhibit hall looking for final deals. We caught a wee bit of the Tom Hiddleston signing at the Marvel booth, but that was probably the last major moment of the convention for us.

It was a great convention- we got to see everything we’d planned and see some friends, as well as get a ton of swag and pick up a few needed comics and other fun things.  But I had con crud hitting me hard before we’d even gotten out of San Diego proper and we were tired. Until next year SDCC!

The photos are viewable here (our facebook page, which you should follow)

Photos here and on the Facebook page provided by James Kus

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