Guilty Pleasures- here comes the bride!

4 Aug

Let me remind you- I do not have TV. I have Roku, which streams Hulu Plus, Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc. This is important because it helps explain how I get so caught up in my next guilty pleasure… bridal shows. Whenever I go home to my mom’s, it’s like cable TV knows that I’m home and there are ALWAYS marathons of bridal shows. My favorite is Say Yes to the Dress (particularly the Atlanta version).


I have no clue what it is about these shows… they just suck me in. Yes, I enjoy the pretty dresses. But honestly, I think it’s more my hatred for the catty pigs that the brides bring with them that do it. I want to smack like 90% of the party that is there to critique the dress. Half the time they sit there and express their opinions as if THEY are the one in the dress, “I don’t like blah blah blah”, but they aren’t looking at the bride. They aren’t taking in that she likes it- even loves it, sometimes. How she glows wearing that special dress. Ugh. So yeah, it’s probably the cat fights.

vegas_brides_241x208One of the last times I was home I discovered that there’s a Vegas version of bridal shows… Vegas Brides. Takes the cake for trashy brides (I mean that in a good way, mostly). Wow. But it was a lot of fun- if you haven’t seen it, check it out on TLC. You will not believe some of the brides and dresses. Or maybe you will… it is Vegas.

ace of cakesTo go along with the dress shows, I also love the cake shows. My favorite isn’t on anymore- bless you internet!- so I’m sad about that. I miss Ace of Cakes. They had a lot of fun with wedding cakes. Actually, I would love to see a mashup of Vegas Brides and Ace of Cakes… that would be the perfect guilty pleasure.


What do you think?

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