SMALLVILLE Minicaps / Season 3, Eps. 13-16

6 Aug
Smallville season three minicaps lives a quarter mile at a time.

Smallville season three minicaps lives a quarter mile at a time.  But it only does that to keep people from knowing it has superpowers.

Stewart here, and be warned of spoilers within…

 Last time on Smallville: Clark tried to save Lex from getting electroshocked while in Belle Reve (he failed), Lana made a new friend in rehab with fellow patient Adam (it turns out he’s hiding some creepy stuff), Chloe cuts loose from Lionel (her dad loses his job), and Jonathan has a heart attack (probably related to that deal with Jor-El).  Let’s see how all this drama pans out in this round of minicaps…


Everyone wondering what Pete’s been up to gets their answer here, as we find out he’s involving in illegal street racing (and driving a kryptonite-fuel mixed car to go with it).  Clark tries to warn him away, but Pete gets into some serious debt, and needs Clark’s help to get him out of it.  In non-related Pete news, Lana realizes Adam is probably not a stable person to have living above the Talon, which is another tab on Lana’s poor choice in guys list.  Oh yeah, and Jonathan’s fine from his heart attack, which probably came about because of his power-up from Jor-El.

–Well, Adam happens to been a kid who was presumed dead months ago, and he really needs those drugs of his.

–In all fairness to the bad guy of this episode getting killed in that high-speed car flip, people have walked away from worse wrecks on Smallville.

If this was Fast & Furious 6, the driver would be walking out of that like nothing happened.

If this was Fast & Furious 6, the driver would be walking out of that like nothing happened.

–Pretty downer ending, with Clark still a bit angry at Pete for compromising him like that.

–Lex is busy here too, getting the molecular biologist who worked on Adam to work for him.  And also wondering who or if someone stole his Porsche (spoiler: it was Clark).

–Boy, Jonathan is bummed he’ll be eating low sodium turkey for a while.


 Clark finds some happiness when meeting Alicia, who just happens to be a meteor freak who can teleport.  This being Smallville, you know that can’t go well, so when Alicia turns out to be a really obsessive girlfriend, its not really a shock when Clark finds people around him in danger from her.  And we finally find out the truth about Adam: that he’s a mole of Lionel’s meant to get close to Lana to learn more about Clark.  And guess what?  He failed.

–Pretty nice first act opener, with that one walk-and-talk shot from the outside and into Smallville High.  Plus, is this the first time we’ve seen actual snow around the school?

–Oh, that is an awkward moment to explain to your parents, Clark.  “Yeah, that scantily clad girl beamed herself into my room wanting to make out, Dad.  What was I supposed to do?”

"Its not what it looks like!  Well, that's not true, it is what it looks like, but...I'm in trouble, aren't I?"

“Its not what it looks like! Well, that’s not true, it is what it looks like, but…I’m in trouble, aren’t I?”

–Adam has a diary?  A “vampire diary” if you will?

–Chloe and Clark have to go on a tour of LuthorCorp with Lionel as part of their final grade.  Can’t you just smell the tension?

–“Elevators.  Too much demand, not enough supply.”


Jonathan has to go to the hospital for a triple bypass on his heart, which gets one unforeseen complication: Clark’s friend Garrett wants a new liver for his older brother, and has a bomb to force the hospital to give it to him.  Then there’s the two problems that make this worse: Garrett’s brother is dead, but brought back to life by the scientist who revived Adam; and the only compatible donor in the area is Jonathan.  And we also get the big reveal as to what that serum Adam and Garrett’s brother is made of: Clark’s blood sample!

–Hey, its Tahmoh Penikett from Battlestar Galactica and Dollhouse as Garrett’s older brother.  And its not his last appearance on the show (its his last as this character, though).

–Another dark ending with Garrett getting shot dead and probably his brother dying of liver failure.  We’re a long way from season one climaxes, aren’t we?

Kryptonite laced bomb or the explosion of a box of glow sticks laced with plastic explosives?  You make the call.

Kryptonite laced bomb or the explosion of a box of glow sticks laced with plastic explosives? You make the call.

–Looks like Adam’s not long for this world either by the looks of him.  Boy, Lionel has really become a sick bastard, hasn’t he?

–“Can’t you just send me to the principal instead?”


Here’s the thing about volunteering at a teen crisis center: who you’ll get on the line.  So there’s a surprise when Clark gets a call for help from Lana, which makes no sense because unlike the end of that phone call suggests, she’s alive.  After some halfway decent detective work, we find out the call is from a day in the future, one that is looming very shortly, and one that involves Adam escaping with some new serum in his veins.  So add a desperate Adam and a Clark being impeded from protecting Lana, and we get a nice nail-biter of an episode.

And he was all yel-low...

And he was all yel-low…

–We go to kryptonite laced with wet phone lines as the explanation for the future call.

–One good reason to volunteer, at least by Pete Ross standards: to work on the sensitive guy technique.

–Lex, you’re still bush league when it comes to screwing over people.  Lionel’s kind of a pro at it, you know.  So, I’m not surprised Lex wants to deal with the FBI to take him down.

–Adam bites it this episode, but is nice enough to let him know what Lionel was up to.  Of course, he doesn’t know what we find out, which is Lionel’s liver is failing of a terminal illness.  Not much is worse than a dead man walking with nothing to lose.

–Love that final scene with Lionel alone in his office contemplating suicide.  Oh, how we all wish he would’ve done it right then and there.  But…

NEXT TIME:  Clark makes one last visit to Virgil Swann in “Legacy”, Chloe is able to make anyone tell the truth in “Truth”, Lex’s memory treatment endangers Clark in “Memoria”, and an ancient blade turns its holders evil in “Talisman”

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