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Guilty Pleasures- here comes the bride!

4 Aug

Let me remind you- I do not have TV. I have Roku, which streams Hulu Plus, Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc. This is important because it helps explain how I get so caught up in my next guilty pleasure… bridal shows. Whenever I go home to my mom’s, it’s like cable TV knows that I’m home and there are ALWAYS marathons of bridal shows. My favorite is Say Yes to the Dress (particularly the Atlanta version).


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Shamrock Shake Shenanigans for all!

17 Mar

My friend Brian, who lives in Chicago, is my fav buddy to share Shamrock Shakes (you know, from McDs?) with. For some reason, Chicago gets them much earlier in the season than Los Angeles. So he’s been torturing me with the precious minty treat since early February. They only showed up here as the months changed.

I have no reason for sharing this with you except that today is St. Patrick’s Day and I’m wishing all of you tasty Shamrock Shakes as you celebrate. And wear your green!


minty green awesomeness!!

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We Can’t Help But Have Nerd Adventures

15 Jun

We tried to have a normal day- Emily came over to hang out, play some video games, watch some Farscape, and be here with me when my new mattress was delivered. But on our way home from lunch- where we got a spot, on Hollywood Blvd, directly in front off the restaurant we were going to- our troubles began. So we made a video for you. 🙂

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