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What are you trying to say??

8 May

So… I don’t have normal TV at home. I use Roku and watch Hulu Plus, Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc to keep up with my shows. This week I am home visiting my family. Which translates to, “I have CABLE” or “MUST WATCH ALL THE SHOWS”. And there’s this thing that happens on TV that doesn’t happen on my Roku (mostly). Commercials. And after a few days I have to ask- what the hell are they trying to sell me? Continue reading

My Fear of the Uber Fan

18 Apr

Today I need to share about my fear of Uber Fans.

Well, NEED is probably too strong a word, but… I’ve been thinking about the topic for a wee bit and today seemed like the day to write about it. Continue reading

Shamrock Shake Shenanigans for all!

17 Mar

My friend Brian, who lives in Chicago, is my fav buddy to share Shamrock Shakes (you know, from McDs?) with. For some reason, Chicago gets them much earlier in the season than Los Angeles. So he’s been torturing me with the precious minty treat since early February. They only showed up here as the months changed.

I have no reason for sharing this with you except that today is St. Patrick’s Day and I’m wishing all of you tasty Shamrock Shakes as you celebrate. And wear your green!


minty green awesomeness!!

Continue reading

SCIENCE ~ an argument stopper.

22 Oct

I really do love the I F*cking Love Science FB page and as such, here’s another gem I’m sharing that they’ve recently posted. Continue reading

The Awesome Power of Nerds

13 Aug

As a geek/nerd (who really cares which I claim or am?), I enjoy following other like minded people on their sites, blogs, facebook and twitter pages, and getting links or just hearing what they are up to. The power of the internet has done so much to bring people together. In the last couple of weeks, there have been a couple pieces that I want to chat about- Continue reading

I ♥ LA

7 Aug

This is one of the posts where I mention that I adore living in L.A. OK, sure, there’s traffic and there are people whose mere existence in the universe make you want to punch them… but there are also awesome things that happen here- and probably not likely to occur elsewhere.

Continue reading

NerdLush Site News- Authors Galore!

16 May

As your hostess, I would like to take a moment to welcome new authors to the site Continue reading

Geek cred… I come by it honestly

7 May

So… I was born to be a geek. There really was no way to stop it. My mother was Star Trek TOS fan and my father… well, that’s not important. My mother has told me many times about watching the moonlanding with Grandpa. And I fondly remember playing pong on Grandpa’s computer… the one before his Commodore 64. Continue reading

CosPlay by the Rules!

23 Apr

So… years ago I was at SDCC with my brother and while waiting in line for a panel (the big line, for Ballroom 20) we started discussing the people CosPlaying that walked by. This conversation led to my Rules for CosPlaying. I’ve fine tuned them since then and after my recent visit to WonderCon 2012, I wrote them up for AFC. 🙂 (AFC has a bigger audience so it was the better choice for posting, in case you were wondering why the original post is there and not here). In any case- it’s a humorous read, but I am very serious about every point I make. And if you CosPlay, or know someone who does, or even if you just like to dress up for Halloween, these rules may save your day! Check it out- leave comments!

Nerd Fail

29 Mar

I wanted to write a brief post about the guy we saw at Crazy Girls last night that was missing only the pocket protector from his classic nerd ensemble, but I’ve realized that the post would be catty and that it might appear that I was some sort of “-ist”. I’m not. I was highly amused by the gentleman’s attire. And his whole demeanor in the venue. So I can’t make a quippy post about it. Instead… I share my failures as a fellow nerd. 😦

In my defense though… I had my awesome Serenity sweatshirt on because it was COLD in the strip club last night. brrrrr!

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