NerdLush Site News- Authors Galore!

16 May

As your hostess, I would like to take a moment to welcome new authors to the site– Stewart Moncure (who you may recognize as the blogger behind A & V Stimuli because I’ve previously linked to his posts regarding my 80’s favorite- V). Mr. Moncure is also an old friend from high school- and we aren’t telling you how long ago that was!- that I’ve reconnected with over the last year or so. Excited to see what posts he chooses to bring to NerdLush.

Additionally, Madison Dylan, who I interviewed for the recent AFC/Femme Fatales article is joining the site as an author. When originally interviewing Miss Dylan she shared some great stories, but I was in love with the idea that she recently has been turned to the geekside. We became online friends- coffee soon!- and I’ve brought her on board because I love the idea of her sharing her growing geekiness with an audience. She’s currently preparing a series of battle match-ups between the femme fatales of Marvel and DC. Cannot wait!

Love that these two have joined the site. Many thanks to them for the continued support. And I’m excited to see NerdLush grow with their presence! Who will our next authors be?

What do you think?

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