TV Seasons Come And Go, But They Always Leave The SPOILERS!

16 May

As we dig into the downside of May (holy crap! wasn’t it just 2011?) another TV season is coming to a close. Of course, with all the shows on cable, it isn’t like it used to be where summers were spent with nothing but repeats- now there are no series premiering all year long. But the bulk of the network shows still run with the school years, September to May. And so… another batch of season and series finales is upon us. THERE MAY BE SPOILERS BELOW.

I don’t have television in the conventional way- I have a ROKU and watch via HULU mostly. So I am generally a full day behind- which leads to my hiding a lot lately because friends are live tweeting their viewings of the finales. It used to just be that you had to avoid talking to the friends who lived in an earlier timezone during your shows, now you have to walk away from the internet in order to avoid spoilers! I also have a bad habit of losing focus during the winter hiatus and stepping away from my shows… which means that I now have hours of shows to watch before I can contemplate the finales.

I don’t watch too many shows- there are nights I have nothing or only one single show that I might watch but it’s not important if I miss it… So it really shouldn’t be too hard to do a post about this…

CASTLE- OMG! Finally! I would’ve liked to see a bit more wishy-washy, should I-shouldn’t I throughout the season from Det. Beckett before she finally did what she did- and YAY! (Is the rest of that scene on the DVD? Icanhaznoayes?) It seemed that most of that back and forth came from Castle’s side… Anyways, not important… This last scene had me cheering! And Alexis’s graduation speech was perfect. I didn’t have to make one (and if you know me, you know why that’s funny) but next time I do have to make a speech, I want a TV writer to write it for me. Cannot wait to see next season!

BONES- … I… I see the point of doing what they did, but it wasn’t logical. Thus… it doesn’t work for me because it actually proves that why she did it, could be true. It’s not… but… if willing to take this illogical step, then Brennan could easily have acted as illogically as she was accused. Boreanaz did a great job as both actor and director… the last shot of him… had me weeping. Dammit. Though, I was very tickled that the final scenes were shot in my ‘hood at St. Brendon’s church. 🙂

NCIS- had to watch the last 6 or so episodes before I was able to watch the end- which I was actually spoiled for because someone on line (not even a friend- just someone I follow on twitter) couldn’t keep their mouth shut. And HOLY MOLY! I did not like the end of the ep. The escalation of the season villain has been beautiful- especially since I adore Richard Schiff and don’t want Toby to be evil. But those last moments… I should’ve saved it and watched this episode right before watching the first of next season so I wouldn’t have to wait to find out what happens. Needless to say, I did not sleep well last night.

ONCE UPON A TIME- Loved it! Finally made headway with the curse only to have it come back to bite us on the butt! Excellent! Can’t wait to see where the writers go now that two have become one.

2 BROKE GIRLS- Finally Johnny comes back! And the zingers that came from that… ouch! This show has consistently been LOL all season long- which is what I want from my sitcoms- and Kat Denning is amazing. I’ll miss Peach- maybe. But the other characters growth has outshone her idiocy. And to have Martha Stewart (though I dislike her and all she does) be a guest… excited to see where Martha’s influence will take the cupcake business. And hey, they’ve almost made $1000! Good for them.

Still to be watched Criminal Minds, Hawaii 5-0, The Finder, and I’m sure there’s others. What shows did you watch? Agree or disagree with my reactions?

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