I ♥ LA

7 Aug

This is one of the posts where I mention that I adore living in L.A. OK, sure, there’s traffic and there are people whose mere existence in the universe make you want to punch them… but there are also awesome things that happen here- and probably not likely to occur elsewhere.

Since moving to L.A. in ’09 I’ve been to countless previews and screenings- and have turned done even more. I’ve had opportunities to visit sets- which I generally can’t do due to schedules. I’ve been to filmings for TV shows. And just the other day I went to a rough-cut screening of a film- which is all I can tell you about it. Well, that and it was awesomely hilarious (though some pieces went a touch too far for my tastes).

I’ve been to see favorite musicians play more times and in more venues then I can count. And I’ve been stopped at intersections and had academy award winners cross in front of my car. I mean… where else does that happen?

I loved living in Chicago- it was/is an amazing city and I have tons of awesome friends there. You never knew what the weather was going to be. And the energy of the city was palpable.

I loved growing up in Fresno. Still enjoy going home and having things be the same, and different. It’s nice to spend time up north visiting friends and family. And it’s still cool that sometimes you can stand out in the front yard and hear the cows over at the university.

But L.A. … you marvelously dirty hooker of a city you. Once you figure out the city streets and the timing for freeways; once you find those little hole in wall restaurants that serve amazing food for a quarter of the cost; once you get past the hatred of the stupid little yellow signs for filming, that inevitably mean that some street you need will be blocked- this town is awesome.

What do you think?

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