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SPAM! It’s What’s For Dinner!

30 Sep

I am amused by SPAM. I monitor the site comments pretty well and delete/block any and all bits of SPAM that appear. But sometimes… they make me laugh. So I decided that I really wanted to hang on to the comments while tossing what makes them SPAM.

I give you a new page on the site- Our Favorite SPAM. I’ll update it as I find entertaining SPAM.

FRINGE Final Season Recap: “Transilience Thought Unifier Model-11”

28 Sep

Stewart here, and welcome to the first recap of the final season of FRINGE!  We got a lot to cover, so let’s get to it: Continue reading

Great Trek Debate, chapter 2- the films

28 Sep

It’s time again to take a gander at Star Trek and discuss… the films. There are eleven films, counting the reboot in 2009. Inspired by my recent Trek weekend I opted to watch the few that either I’d blocked out or hadn’t seen (yes, there was one I had never seen!). And now here I am to discuss them… so put down your phasers, grab a romulan ale, and let’s take a gander at the many films of Star Trek!

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FRINGE-y Things To Know — A FRINGE Primer

26 Sep

Stewart here…

First off, a big announcement: I’ll be recapping the final season of FRINGE exclusively here on NerdLush!  I’ll be keeping these recaps a little more informal than my usual reviews on A&V Stimuli, so expect them to start on September 29th, after the season premiere airs a day before.  Also, I’ll be covering HOMELAND and THE WALKING DEAD on my site this fall, so please check that out as well.  SO, with that out of way… Continue reading

It’s The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

24 Sep

It’s Pilot Season!  It’s like Christmas, Black Friday, and a trip to the dentist all rolled into one glorious month of network prime time television!

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Just so you know…

23 Sep

Our party was a huge success and we are very grateful to everyone that came out and/or was there in spirit. Details later… when I’m not running on diet coke and rainbow cake!

NerdLush Party Day!!!

22 Sep

OMG! It’s party day! Continue reading

Stan Lee touched me; and other Comikaze anecdotes

20 Sep

Out of the chaos, we emerge exhausted & broke, but having had a good time with great experiences, we arrive home satisfied. Here’s how it played out:

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Halloween 2012

18 Sep



So… we are in the countdown to Halloween… what are you doing and what plans for ghoulish fun do you have?

Click the link above to see how long we have left until the big day!

Generally I hit up Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights. And I’ve done a corn maze/haunted house deal out at Pierce College. I’d like to hit the Queen Mary this year- Emily went last year and said it was quite good. What else in LA area should I look into?

As Long As I Don’t Wear Tights or Spandex, Issue 4 — THE SWORD

16 Sep

Stewart here…

THE SWORD by The Luna Brothers (Image Comics/collected) Continue reading

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