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Television Bloodbath!

13 May

Over the last week, the networks have announced which shows are canceled, renewed, and which pilots made the cut. It’s been both stressful and entertaining to watch. The stress came from waiting to hear if Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. had been renewed (it was). The entertainment from not really being attached to the shows that got canceled.


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Whoa! Pilot Season already?!?! Time Flies!

20 May

I’ve been trying to follow the pilots that were announced to see if there were any that I’d be interested in for the fall. I don’t think any of my series are ending this year so there isn’t a lot of free space for new shows, but I do like to try things out. Now that the networks have announced their schedules and the upfronts have happened, let’s take a peek at which shows I’m hoping are worth my time in the fall. I’d love to hear which shows you’re interested in… Continue reading

Fall TV Pilot Roundup #3, aka Are We Done Yet?

20 Oct

I’ve just about had an assload of television… and yet the pilots keep vomiting out of the abyss of the network studios! So here we go kids, time for roundup #3!

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Fall TV Pilot Roundup #2

4 Oct

Howdy partners! Time for another pilot recap!

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It’s The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

24 Sep

It’s Pilot Season!  It’s like Christmas, Black Friday, and a trip to the dentist all rolled into one glorious month of network prime time television!

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