Nerd Adventures- Solvang, take 2

16 Mar

In NerdLush’s first year, Emily and I took a day trip from LA and ran over to Solvang for some entertainment. It was quite a lovely day of fun and silliness. 



Yesterday, with our friend Briel leading the way, we trekked back to Solvang. Though this trip was slightly different- we’d found out the day before that the “Taste of Solvang” festival was happening the weekend. So… basically we’d accidentally chosen to go to this humble little ‘burb on a day when all our diets would be screwed because many noms would be available for us to sample!

I don’t often do food festivals… and now I am wondering why, because this was awesome.

We missed 2 or 3 stops, out of the 30 available (these weren’t full course meals- more like nibbles of noms), as we raced through the streets. The downside of this adventure was that we missed wandering in the shops, but there’s always next time.

IMG_20140316_002529 IMG_20140316_002717 IMG_20140316_002851 IMG_20140316_003019 IMG_20140316_003138

My personal favorites were the meatball sample (though I would’ve preferred the cabbage be more sauer kraut then beet flavored), the bruschetta, the none fruity pastries (not a fan of fruit in my pastries), the sliders, and the delicious brownie made with blood orange infused olive oil (and damn it, I just realized I meant to go back and buy some oil). There were several other tasty things- like the pizza and ice cream samples- but as they were simply the standard recipes, they didn’t make the list as favorites. Just tasty.

mmmmmmmm... tasty!

mmmmmmmm… tasty!

There were a few things that made us sad too- the fudge, for one, was flavorless. It just tasted like sugar. Also, the sheer amount of sugar that we had made us comatose much earlier than we would’ve liked. However, we revived ourselves with tasty adult beverages and soft pretzels dipped in orgasmic melted cheese.

All in all, a fabulous way to spend the day hanging out with some of my favorite people. And… now I want to go to more food festivals.

a pretty accurate representation of #GirlDay silliness and hydration

a pretty accurate representation of #GirlDay silliness and hydration

I wish I could share with you all the hilarious conversations in the car, too… geeking out over our shows, music, singing along to Disney songs, laughing over the extreme number of yellow cars… good times.

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