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2014 Con Season is in full swing!

30 Mar

The convention season has gone from being a late spring through early fall series of events to year round. Which makes it sort of silly to refer to it a season, but most people do not attend conventions year round- the biggest events are still centered within the traditional calendar, with smaller, regional (but good sized!) events occurring the rest of the year.

IMG_20130717_222621Already in 2014 we’ve seen some amazing moments happen at conventions- you all saw the pic of Stan Lee “breaking up a fight” between Lou Ferrigno and Chris Hemsworth from Wizard World Sacramento, right? Brilliant! And just this weekend, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.‘s “Deathlok” (J. August Richards) palled around with Arrow‘s “Oliver Queen” (Stephen Amell) at Emerald City Comic-con. Astute fans also remember Richards as “Mr. Blank” in a first season episode of Arrow (he was merciless!). Continue reading

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